Are Arsenal making a mistake letting Aaron Ramsey leave for free? | The Debate | McMahon & Schwarzer



The midfielder looked set to extend his decade-long stay at the Emirates Stadium earlier this season, but the club withdrew their offer of a new long-term contract, meaning he is free to depart at the end of his current deal.

The Debate panel discuss whether Arsenal are making a mistake by letting the midfielder leave the club for free.

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37 Replies to “Are Arsenal making a mistake letting Aaron Ramsey leave for free? | The Debate | McMahon & Schwarzer”

  1. £200000 is more than enough for Ramsey and the alleged £300k he wants is totally bollocks to be honest. For that money we could get a world class player, consistent and less injury prone. Arsenal nurtured him during his broken leg period, gave him a chance at a top level but he demamded more which is unacceptable! I say let him go, and Mkhitaryan too, make Guendozi a priority, we've got excellent youngsters coming up as well and we'll also have room for 2 more world class players in Ramsey and Mkhitaryan's wages which is almost around half a million £.

  2. Ramsey isnt better than Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Torreira or Xhaka. His skill set overlaps with Mkhitaryan, Ozil and Xhaka. We just need talented youth like Guendouzi to grow and develop and still play vital minutes. Theres a reason our youngsters like Iwobi and Bellerin have played up. Wenger was an artist. Emery is a professor. Give me young players we can train up and mold, especially if theyre just bench and squad players.

    Meanwhile an upgrade a LB is way more important than Ramsey. Monreal cant cut it, and hes injuries to often. We need depth behind Kolasinac

  3. He should go to Spurs. Say what you want, but they'd have him, they should, he'd deepen the bench, and he'd get minuets. Even if he's in his twilight years as a player. Easy move for his family etc

  4. so stupid comments from these pundits. Arsenal did not want to keep JW and now they do not want to AR. That's fair enough,  they are not good enough.  AR hardly scores goals – good luck at liverpool

  5. Absolute joke that the board are letting Ramsey's contract run out and letting him go on a free come the summer window. This man has won us 2 FA cups was arguably our best player last season with 11 goals and 9 assists at club level. He's even got 1 goal and 3 assists this season and he doesn't even start for us ! I will never blame Ramsey for this predicament he is in as it's the club that has retracted the offer not him. Even from a financial perspective it's bad management. If we extended his contract and say it is 200k a week over 3 years that's 31.2 million. If say we were to buy someone with the quality of Ramsey in the summer window we would still have to pay them 200k a week if not slightly below that PLUS the initial transfer fee.(Which would be around 40 or 50 million pounds in the current transfer market).

  6. Aaron Ramsey is way better than ozil, Ramsey for most of the games he plays puts in 110% effort in and his consistent performances are more frequent than ozil and yet ozil gets a lot more money than him. The thing with ozil is when he plays well he can be on a similar level to eden hazard but ozil doesn't do that every game like hazard does, that's the problem with ozil sometimes he will show up and other times he is like a ghost. For arsenal to be paying him the 350k a week is just poor decision making when you pay someone that amount of money they need to be performing just like hazard and other game changing players. I feel really bad d for Ramsey cos this is just a serious lack of respect from Arsenal football club to one of their greatest players if we get was there I'm sure he wouldn't allow this kind of disrespect to happen.

  7. Gets injured alot we have lots of plays that are after the same position and are trying to bring youth through so it's more healthy financially for us to develop our youth and scout well rather than pay him 200k+ to be injured. He was offered a decent deal for a while and many offers put to him and he did nothing about them but rebuff them

  8. Ramsey isnt good enough defensively and not much attacking either,really. Both Nelson and Smith-Rowe (with a bit more game time and confidence) are better offensively. This tool, McMahon, doesn't see the fact that if Arsenal give Ramsey 9.6mil contract he will be just be rolling in it on the bench. Honestly, how is it so many pundits have no idea what they're talking about?

  9. I wonder why these pundits won't leave Arsenal be? When Arsenal didn't offer Ramsey a new contract on time, they all labelled d club unserious, that we should have tied him down to a new contract before it got to d last year, the club & its management staff were called unimaginable names… Ok we accept but what this lot failed to realise is that its our club not theirs! Now we have even decided d player is surplus to requirement & they are still questioning that, what exactly do they want us to do? they say we are undecisive & this is us been decisive….. U guy should just let my Arsenal be…

  10. Ramsey is a good British player and if you think Arsenal can replace him with an average foreign player, you are mistaken. It will cost a LOT of money to get someone as good as him and the chances are he will be yet another foreigner and also cost more money than keeping Ramsey. Bad management.

  11. At the end, they are talking about an important thing. Replace Ramsey for a world class player would be very expensive! Look at Xhaka. Arsenal bought it for 45M€. You would spend less money with Ramsey contract and we would mantain a player that likes Arsenal. We need good players that love the club! Simple as that

  12. Ramsay is currently not in Emery's first XI. He is not even the automatic impact player that Emery brings on – that is often Welbeck. Give that, he is not worth £200k a week or more.

    His positional sense is weak. Given how this is a requirement for the top teams especially when playing another top team. I doubt that any top team will buy him. Ramsay will end up at a mid-table club playing an essentially defensive 4-5-1, who need an attacking midfielder to supplement the striker.

    As for Liverpool needing a player who can get in front of Sane and Salah? Even Usain Bolt is not that quick.

  13. Out with the old and in with the new, Aaron has had plenty of chances.

    No hard feelings towards Chamberlain Ramsey Wilshare Giroud Walcott etc but as i said, its time to try something new. And the new is looking good… Aubameyang Lacazette Mkhitaryan Torreira Guendouzi Sokratis and Leno 😉

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