BEST DYNASTY MODE TEAMS in Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition


I thought I’d do a video on the best Dynasty mode teams to start out with in Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition. My decisions were based on dirty tricks and playbook. Need help winning games in your first season? Then try out some of these teams and MFL strategies.

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  1. Had this on Steam and got the Switch version. Took the Jugulars to the big game and won in season mode, had a blast! Gonna start a dynasty mode here soon, not sure if I wanna be the Hellboys or the Jugulars

  2. Extra tips: If the team you select doesn't have a skeleton runningback — get one. Skeletal Deadheads recover health after every play, making them more durable then other races at running back.

    The plays I mentioned won't be effective to use the whole game because sometimes the rb is covered by two people. Quick outs and other plays that feature out routes are really good in the game.

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