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Concissions in Youth Sports – New Protocols to Keep Athletes Safe

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Participation in sports is an important part of physical, mental, and social development for our youth. While it is meant to promote health, sports carry an inherent risk of injury.

Evidence is growing that the short and long-term health risks associated with brain trauma in sports are more serious than previously known. While discussions have been the primary focus of the medical community, the media, and the sports world, it appears they are only part of the problem. A growing number of studies show the risk of short-term and long-term brain damage, and neurodegenerative disease may be more closely related to an athlete's cumulative brain trauma over their lifetime.

This brain trauma includes both concussions and subconcussive effects, which are rapid movements of the head that do not cause any concussion symptoms.
Studies are now finding that some athletes who have received subconcussive affects, but have never shown any concussion symptoms, still have abnormal findings on certain tests of brain structure and function. It is not yet clear if these results were caused by too many impacts in a day, a season, a year, and even a lifetime, but one thing is clear: hits to the head are dangerous and more needs to be done to protect athletes .

WHO'S AT RISK FOR CONCUSSIONS? Concissions are an issue at all levels in many sports. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that among high school athletes, boys' ice hockey poses the second highest rate of concussions, after only football. The prevalence of concussions in youth hockey is surprisingly similar to concussion estimates in the NHL (23 per 1000 player-game hours).

One factor found in a videotape analysis of bantam players is that on-ice skating characteristics helped explain why certain players sustain concussions. These players tended to skate with their heads down watching the puck, positioning themselves in the "danger zone," which is between 8-16 feet from the boards, and they did not optimally position their body to receive a check. Thus, when checked, these players were more often flung into the boards; and collisions too often occurred when their heads were down. Many coaches are working in practice to reduce this style of play; equipment manufacturers are finding ways to increase protection and rinks are installing safety features in the ice; but this type of injury happens to even the best and most experienced players.

The concussion problem goes all the way up the National Hockey League. The NHL is facing multiple lawsuits from former players alleging that it improperly handled concussions and other brain injuries and did not do enough to protect them from the long-term dangers of concussions. The suits are similar to the class action complaint against the NFL, which did reach a substantial settlement. This just proves that training and education needs to be implemented at every level of hockey.

WHAT CAN YOU DO? Educate yourself on the signs and symptoms of concussions and be sure your coaches and trainers have the same, and they have protocols in place if an injury of this type occurs.


– Loses consciousness (even briefly)
– Appears dazed or stunned or moves unsteady
– Is confused about assignment or position
– Forgets instructions
– Is unsure of game, score, opponent
– Shows mood, behavior or personality changes
– Can not recall events
– Answers questions slowly


– Headache or pressure in the head
– Nausea or vomiting
– Balance problems or dizziness
– Double or blurry vision
– Sensitivity to light or noise
– Confusion


– Remove athlete from play.
– Ensure athlete is evaluated by an appropriate health care professional. Do not try to judge the seriousness of the injury yourself.
– Inform athlete's parents or guardians about the known or possible concussion.
– Allow the athlete to return to play only with permission from a health care professional.

WHEN IS IT SAFE TO RETURN TO PLAY? All athletes who sustain a concussion, no matter how minor, should undergo an evaluation by a qualified healthcare provider like Michigan Sports & Center before returning to play. In some instances, clearance from your primary care doctor may not be enough. There are many factors that determine when an athlete is safe to return to play. We have very specific protocols that measure an athlete's responses at different levels of rest and activity; and in some cases other therapy may be needed. Not until they are completely free of all symptoms and remain symptom free during and after physical testing, is it safe to return to play. If you are unsure, please call us to schedule a consultation. Our goal is to get athletes back in the game as soon as possible only when it will not risk further injury. I also encourage you to talk to your coaches and trainers to make sure they are up-to-date on the latest protocols to keep athletes safe.

Golf Shirt or Polo Shirt: What’s The Difference?

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The golf shirts on the market today feature a roomier chest, bigger arm holes, longer sleeves just to the elbow and an extended shirt tail. The oversized features allow freedom of motion during the golf swing.

The climate cool material is made of 100% polyester that will keep you cool on those hot and humid days on the links. Due to the moisture wicking technology, this material actually removes the perspiration away from your skin to keep you dry. When your skin is dry you naturally feel cooler. The anti-bacterial finish helps eliminate body odor. If you tend to perspire a lot I would highly recommend this type of material. Stay away from the 100% cotton material for your golf shirts because when they get damp from perspiration or rain they tend to restrict your swing.

For more added comfort some manufacturers like Adidas and Izod heat screen their size labels into the neck for tag less comfort. Everyone has had a golf shirt that the size label has rubbed you the wrong way. Cutting it off doesn’t help, it actually makes it worse. Then you try taping it down, it works for awhile until the tape falls off and then you’re back to the same situation. With the new tag less label you never have this problem.

The new materials that the manufacturers are using now will keep their shape and comfort level up for many laundry washings. The UV rays from the sun won’t fade them as much as the 100% heavy cotton; these shirts tend to fade around the collar and the shoulder areas from just being out in the sun. This is especially true with the darker colors.

The original classic fit polo shirts features are somewhat smaller in the chest and sleeves. The sleeves extend halfway down on the bicep and the arm holes are smaller. These features may restrict your golf swing a bit if your intent is to wear it while playing golf. Stick to the golf shirt for the added comfort.

There are two other styles of polo shirts to choose from. The custom fit polo is smaller in the chest, has shorter sleeves and shorter shirt tail. The slim fit polo has the narrowest chest of the two and is not made to tuck in your pants. These two styles will wear well under a sport jacket but are not recommended to wear for a round of golf.

Both the golf shirts and the polo shirts are designed to keep you cool and comfortable on the links or at a back yard BBQ.

I have pointed out some of the differences in them, so now hopefully you have more information at your disposal to you make your next purchase.

FIFA Ultimate Team Login

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FIFA Ultimate Team login has fast become one of the most popular modes in FIFA history. The latest edition comes jam packed with extra features and modes meaning there are now more ways than ever to create your dream team. With all these new additions it has left the game a rather daunting prospect for pros and new players alike. Thankfully, this article is here to help. We’ve got top tips that will help you become a better manager and have you acquire players that feature in FIFA Ultimate Team Of the week login time after time!

Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to becoming a master tactician.

– Make Sure There’s Chemistry.

This is notoriously difficult to get right but it is worth spending time on because if it’s not right then it won’t matter if you have both Ronaldo and Messi at your disposal, if they don’t gel it isn’t going to work. When 2 players have the same nationality, same team or even better both, then naturally there will be better Chemistry. Having players who have the same formations on there playing cards also greatly increases chemistry.

-Get Used To Unusual Formations.

It is very easy to fall into the trap of using the common 4-4-2, or 4-3-3 formations. If you can put the time into learning the less common 4-5-1 or 3-4-2-1 formations then it can often confuse your opponents and make buying specific players for your team a lot easier. If you can find players in the auction that have more unusual formations at the top of their cards then it can be a lot cheaper to buy them than it would be to say buy the same player with the common 4-4-2 formation.

-Never Give Up

Like all the great teams, they never know when they are beaten. They play until the last second and quite often they get something out of the game, even if it is only a consolation. If you just quit the game because you are losing then you won’t receive any coins at all for your efforts. When you lose a game you still get coins on how well you played or how cleanly you played. Score some goals and you will still be rewarded. If you quit then you get nothing which is not only frustrating for your opponent but a waste of time for you also.

-Challenge the FIFA Ultimate Team Of The Week Login

When the team of the week is made available then make it a habit to challenge them with your best team. The harder the difficulty you set the higher the bonus you will receive for beating them.

-Complete Your Duties As The Manager.

Do you think Sir Alex Ferguson, Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola get into winning habits by forgetting about the day to day tasks? Wrong! This is the building blocks of any super successful football club or FIFA Ultimate Team.

The first set of managerial tasks consists of 12 easy steps. Challenging the FIFA Ultimate Team Of The Week login, changing your club kit and so on and so on..

The Tasks will get harder to complete as you go on and the rewards will become bigger. It is worth keeping a close watch on the list as you play because essentially, like Arsene Wenger often does, you will get something for nothing!!

USA Import Data – Intelligent Business

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United States of America has proved itself as the largest and finest importer in the whole world. USA import data is very handy tool for the traders around the globe. It has made its position in top traders of its world and can be called as intelligent business. US Import data is based on Bill lading, a shipping document filed at US Customs before entering the US ports. It is available on any Product exported by sea way to all US Ports. Data includes US Importer name address and Overseas Suppliers. Some of the important data fields have to be taken into consideration to receive imports from US:

• US Consignee Name, Address, Tel, Fax.
• US Notify party, Address, Tel, Fax.
• US Bankers Name, Address, Tel, Fax.
• Suppliers Name, Address, Tel, Fax.
• Date of Arrival.
• Actual Product Description as entered in Bill of Lading, Marks and Nos.
• Quantity and Unit of Quantity, Measurement.
• Overseas Country.
• Overseas Port.
• US Port.
• Bill Of lading No, Container No, Seal No, Voyage No, Vessel No. and Many more data fields.

USA Customs Import Trade Data Intelligence make a report on the importers in USA to find active, genuine US Importers, This report is based on authentic, actual import transactions filed at US Customs. These reports are compiled from Bill of Lading, Shipping Manifests filed with US Customs at US Ports.

Commonly, USA imports import goods like marble, cartons, handicrafts, glass art ware, woolen fabrics, yard woolen fabrics, Iron, wood seap, stone, Indian drass, copper, glitter plastic, ball pens, woven blouse, automotive components, storage bags , dolls clothing, ornaments, pictures, furniture, kitchen wares, books, clothes, compact discs, tables, storage devices etc. US update its goods regularly and give notification to traders for any new coming goods in the market.

The various advantages of USA import data are:

• Excellent directory to look for active USA importers and buyers.
• Consistency.
• Best quality products
• Pocket sized price.
• Latest market trends.
• Discover new market.
• 24 * 7 availability.

According to US census Bureau of import export "The import statistics consist of goods valued at more than $ 2,000 per commodity shipped by individuals and organizations (including importers and customs brokers) into the US from other countries.

The above statistics of USA import data and the subsequent export data itself divulges the prospect for the importers in USA. Importers must remember some basic requirements of USA-

• Custom clearance, it includes- entry, inspection, appraisal, classification and liquidation.
• Declaration of dutiable value of goods.

There are certain things need to know before starting import business from USA like some technicalities, detailed requirements etc until and without the pros and cons of USA business does not happen, it may create some problem in getting the desired result. There are many online directories available offering the complete information of importers in USA, USA import data and their current trends.

4 Important Aspects Of Your Child’s Development

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“Research shows if your child regularly plays games with plots based on violence and aggression, he is at risk for increased aggressive behavior. In addition, some games promote gender bias and irresponsible sexual behavior.”

Excessive video gaming is becoming rather normal in today’s society. Have you ever heard this “Don’t ever play computer/video games with your kids, they will beat you”? And that’s true because why would not they if they spend so many hours in front of computer practicing the game skill to become such a “junkie”.

Yes, every one of us is a gamer to a certain extent. However, when it comes to choosing between certain aspects of children’s development and video-gaming, I think loving and caring parents would dare hesitate here.

So let’s discuss four important aspects of kids’ development every parent should emphasize.

Physical development

Many of us can relate to this story; Oh, I am tired after work and do not have any energy left to go out and kick some football or play some stretch games with my kid.

Let’s put it this way. If you knew that this was your last day on earth would you spend this day with your kid playing some fun exercise games? You know the answer, don’t you? The point here is not to make you think that this is your last day but to wire your brain on how important it is to commit yourself to your kids’ physical development. The healthier your kid is growing now the happier you will be later, won’t you? So, invest in your kid by taking immediate actions. Use your imagination, go out and play out loud with your kid today, tomorrow or latest this weekend and on, yet regularly.

Social development

Rather than sitting in front of computer and playing a shooting game, I suggest that your kid(s) get a privilege of interacting with other kids. If they spend quality time at schools or kindergartens interacting with others, then this should not be a big issue for your kid. But if you see that your kid(s) is a socially close person, then you need to stress this aspect at the expense of video gaming time. Otherwise, as the research shows, the consequences may be negative.

Intellectual development

This is when you need to initiate a variety of learning activities. It is important not to force your child to intellectual activities but to develop an interest. You can stimulate your child intellectual growth by paying attention to his/her interests, consulting with a specialist and/or obtaining interesting books within that area. You may also purchase an interesting e-learning course on the Internet. Be aware that the course:

  • Must be fun;
  • Must teach or reinforce a certain skill (e.g. math, language etc.);
  • Should be competitive (e.g. a score should be awarded); and,
  • A winner should be nominated and some sort of award given.
  • Emotional development

    Allowing your kid unlimited hours at the computer may also result in escalating procrastination habits. Very often kids get caught in procrastinating things by getting through to a next stage trying to complete one more round and one more and one more.

    In this case, and not only, you need to be a mentor to your kids. Give them instructions. Show them the way. Provide incentives and rewards. Teach them what is right or otherwise according to your belief system. But remember to be objective and always take a responsibility for what you make your kid value most as that is the foundation they will be building their future upon.

    Book Review of "Find Another Checkout Lane, Honey"

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    I've watched the show, read the books, taken the workshops, bought the multiples of newspapers. I'm still not getting it. So far, I've spent money on papers that pile up, coupons that expire and gotten frustrated that it's not working for me. Who has five hundred friends that give you their inserts? Not me.

    I know all the lingo and techniques so this was repetition for me. The one statement I completely related to was that young, clean cut male casihers looked to have the best checkout lines. In my case, it's servers at restaurants. When you read the ratione behind it, you will understand. She scopes out four lanes and observes the work habits of each personality then chooses which lane to get into. Unfortunately, we do not get to choose at restaurants.

    Although I have not mastered grocery couponing, I've always done well with clothing, cosmetics and other items. Credit cards can get you into a lot of trouble but if only used for the rewards and paid off immediately, they can be good.

    For name brand cosmetics, I only buy during the gift with purchase promotions. The holiday sets can be found at the outlet stores if you are willing to wait six months. The week after Christmas, what's left of the clearance racks and shelves are affordable.

    Since I've stopped working to be a full-time grandma, I've been exploring the low end cosmetics and have been pleasantly surprised. I've switched going to the theater for movie rentals and utilizing the local library.

    Members work best for me because I always have something to do such as the zoo, etc. bringing food with me prevents hunger spending.

    My latest entertainment is getting fragrance and cosmetic samples from department stores. Like the grocery store checker illustration, it depends on where you go and who's working. I currently have a good stash of carded fragrances samples and enough foundation samples to equal a bottle.

    Now back to couponing. One tip suggested in the book was to start stockpiling. That is one technique I think I will try. Even without coupons, focusing on one item at a time, I would start seeing results. My budget for my entire adult life has always been fifty dollars a week for groceries and fifty dollars a week for gas. Fresh produce has always taken priority. We'll see what happens. I still think it's more just entertainment watching the shows and wiping it was you.

    How to Prevent Ankle Sprains – Risk Factors (Part 3)

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    There have been numerous studies about how ankle sprains are caused and what factors increase your risk for ankle sprains. In this article I will go over some of the more and less common risk factors for incurring an ankle sprain. While ankle sprains can occur in anyone who walks or runs, they occur most frequently in athletes. There are several proposed risk factors for ankle sprains in athletes. While it can be difficult for researchers to design good studies of risk factors there are a few that are generally accepted for ankle sprains.

    History of Ankle Sprain. The strongest predictor of ankle sprains is a previous history of ankle sprains. This conclusion is shared by nearly every study conducted on the subject [1], [2], [3], [4]. The people with the highest risk after they have previously sprained their ankle are those who did not properly rehabilitate the injury. An unrehabilitated ankle can be unstable afterwards and is open to being sprained over and over again. The reason for this, some researchers think, is that when an ankle injury occurs some of the nerves that tell your body what position your ankle is in are damaged. These nerves are called proprioceptors and the ability to determine the position of your body parts is called proprioception. When these nerves are injured it can be more difficult for your body to know how to position your foot to keep it safe.

    Balance. Lack of balance (also referred to as Postural Sway), may indicate a lack of proprioception due to ankle stability. A study of ankle sprain risk factors identified athletes with poor balance as those who could not maintain a single-leg stance for at least 15 seconds without touching down the unplanted foot to remain steady [5]. These people had an increased occurrence of ankle sprain injuries. Another researcher studied high school basketball players using a specially designed machine to identify those with poor balance [6]. Players with low pre-season testing scores experienced nearly 7 times more ankle sprains than those with normal balance.

    Height and Weight. There is not much agreement as to whether height and weight are significant factors for ankle sprains. Studies of soldiers in basic training exercises indicated that being taller and heavier were risk factors. Another research study, however, experienced different results and determined that height, by itself, was not a risk factor [7]. This was based on a study of 1,601 West Point cadets who participated in basketball with no history of ankle sprain or instability. There were no findings to indicate height and weight as something that would increase or decrease the risk of an ankle sprain. Until more research is done it is unclear either taller or heavier people have a greater risk for spraining an ankle.

    Foot Shape / Joint Laxity. You may expect a lax ankle joint to be at a greater risk for ankle sprains. However, evidence indicates that this is not the case. One research study evaluated ankle joint laxity using orthopedic testing [8]. Based on these results it was not possible to predict an increased likelihood for ankle sprains based on the mobility of the joint. Other factors like the shape of the foot or whether it over-pronated during running or walking, did not indicate a higher risk for sprains. However, over- and under-pronation may indicate some degree of foot instability.

    Gender. Males and females tend to experience the same frequency of ankle sprains. When all other risk factors are taken out of the equation, neither gender is at a greater risk for an ankle sprain.

    Muscle Strength and Reaction Time. Muscle strength and reaction time are not risk factors for ankle sprains. The muscles in your legs control the position of your foot. Researchers have studied the velocity and forces necessary to sprain an ankle [9], [10]. In order to rupture a ligament in the ankle complex the speed required is greater than the speed with which your muscles react to the stimulus that your ankle is about to go too far in one direction or another. In addition it takes even longer for your muscles to reach full contraction. By the time this happens your ligaments could be long gone. What reaction time and muscle strength do affect is the positioning of your foot before it hits the ground. This positioning can be very important when it comes to increasing you risk of ankle sprain [11].

    Shoe Type. Shoes may increase or decrease your risk for ankle sprains. Some researchers theorize that certain types, such as high-top basketball shoes, may increase proprioceptive feedback from the ankle joint [12]. There is also some evidence that shoes offer some resistance to the excessive range of motion in the ankle [13]. One study was done of over 10,000 recreational / elite basketball players to determine some ankle sprain risk factors. In a questionnaire distributed to players who had suffered an ankle sprain they asked several questions about shoes including: cut (high, mid, low-top), cost, brand / model, and condition (good, fair, poor). When they noticed a high frequency of players wearing more expensive shoes also suffered ankle injuries that they looked at other commonalities in the high priced shoes. The most common feature of these shoes was the presence of air cushions in the heel portion of the shoe. From this research they conclude that these air cushions increase the likelihood of an ankle sprain. The same may be true for shoes with energy return systems like Nike Shox. There are four key features of a shoe that will help limit ankle injury. These are lateral (side-to-side) stability, torsional (twisting) flexibility, cushioning, and Traction control. The most significant of these features is traction control [14]. Among soccer and football players, cleat length and design has been linked to an increase in ankle injuries [15]. The increased traction increases foot fixation. This foot fixation increases the vulnerability of all of the lower joints of the leg, in particular, the ankle.

    Surface conditions. The quality and condition of the playing surface is a risk factor for ankle sprains. Any surface that has friction which is not optimal (too high or too low) increases an athlete's risk for injury. For instance artificial turf increases friction, while water on a court surface may drastically decrease it. High friction will hold the contact foot stationary while the momentum of the rest of the body will create great stress on the joints and ligaments of the ankle. Low friction will cause the contact foot to slip from under the body causing excessive motion at the ankle joint, thereby stressing the ligaments. With these risk factors in mind it is possible to greatly reduce your likelihood of suffering and ankle sprain. Some risk factors can not be avoided. To help protect yourself in these situations there are some proven methods for reducing your risk of ankle sprain. Now with this information in mind we are ready to discuss the top three methods for preventing ankle sprains: taping, braces, and exercises.

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    How to Create the Most Attractive Candy and Caramel Apples for Your Stand

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    We all have fond memories of munching on a delicious, eye-appealing candy or caramel apple. This is a treat that both children and adults enjoy. In order to make the best purchasing decision for your candy or caramel apple concession stand, you must be aware of the different types and sizes of stands that are available.

    The Delight of Caramel Apple Concession Stands

    There are different types of commercial caramel apple concession stands that can easily make gourmet caramel apples with great ease, simplicity, and perfection. A caramel apple concession stand is the perfect addition for a carnival, seasonal festival, restaurant, fundraising event, little league game, snack bar, and a school venue.

    When choosing a caramel apple concession stand, you will want to consider purchasing a caramel apple dip warmer, a quick dipper, and a apple hacker. Each of these three pieces of equipment is essential to creating eye-appealing caramel apples. In order to yield the highest profits possible, you want to have an efficient and attractive operation.

    An example of a piece of caramel apple concession stand equipment is the Quicker Dipper. The Quicker Dipper is capable of melting a large can of caramel in as little as 60 minutes. This means that you can continuously create beautiful, delicious caramel apples with the simple dip of the hand.

    The price of a caramel apple concession stand varies. A product such as the Quicker Dipper is around $140 dollars. A caramel apple concession stand is a practical, money-making concession stand that is perfect for any type of venue, whether large or small.

    The Visual Appeal of Candy Apple Concession Stands

    There are several different types of candy apple concession stand equipment that can make gorgeous, mouth-watering blue, purple, or red candy apples with the utmost simplicity and ease. A candy apple concession stand is the perfect addition to a carnival, fair, snack bar, or a festival with its eye-catching, timeless appeal.

    When purchasing a candy apple concession stand, you want to purchase an assortment of candy apple supplies. Candy apple supplies will enable you to create the most attractive candy apples, far better than your competitors. These types of supplies include an assortment of chopped nuts, sprinkles, apple bubbles, apple wraps and the ole’ time candy apple sticks.

    The basic candy apple concession stand equipment that is needed is a candy apple cooker. One of the largest candy apple cookers is the Bottled Gas Candy Apple Stove. This piece of equipment yields the fastest apple cooking cycle that one can expect. This product is recommended for a large venue, in which there are high levels of foot traffic.

    A smaller candy apple cooker costs around $400 dollars and is capable of cooking the apples evenly and maintaining the dipping mixture, ensuring you are ready for “dipping” mode. This is the perfect candy apple concession stand for a carnival, school event, snack bar, or for a fundraising event.

    A candy or caramel apple is a terrific treat that appeals to all of the senses. We all have fond memories of biting into a delicious, warm candy or caramel apple. This is the one treat that is perfect for both kids and adults. A candy or caramel apple concession stand is an attractive way to make money at any type of venue.

    Affordable Online Nutrition Degree Schools

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    Online Nutrition Schools – Helping you Become a Qualified Nutritionist

    Today people are more interested in pursuing careers in fields which are less traditional and more interacting, therefore you will find tons of people heading towards careers in the human services sector, nursing and psychology industry etc.

    The nutritional field of study has also sparked much speculation among people and has become one of the most flourishing career path for people in the 21st century. With millions around the world encountering health related issues, the need for professionals in the nutritional sciences has doubled over the years.

    With the effect hundreds of colleges and universities in the US have started offering not only traditional degree options for them but also distance learning opportunities. For all those of you interested in visiting online nutrition schools in the US but have no idea about which are the school which are in demand and get you the best education.

    You can take into consideration the following nutrition schools which may help you lead a successful career in the nutritional field of study.

    Kaplan University

    Kaplan University is a privately run institute in Iowa which is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. This university conducts both online and on-campus learning modalities and offers various nutrition degrees. The university has campuses in other states as well and has been listed among the notable online nutrition schools. Kaplan University offers you the following programs in nutrition.

    • BS in Nutrition Science

    Ashworth College

    Ashworth College helps you advance towards a skilled with the convenient and affordable online education it offers. This school offers a diploma program which trains you to help others lead a healthy live. This college follows a fully online format of education and also offers all lectures and material to students online.

    • Career Diploma in Nutrition, Diet & Health Sciences

    University of Bridgeport

    Established in 1927 this university today operates as a private coeducational educational body. University of Bridgeport has been a leader in providing innovative opportunities to all and therefore has been one of the premier online nutrition schools in the country. It currently offers the following nutrition program.

    • MS in Human Nutrition

    University of Massachusetts – Amherst

    University of Massachusetts – Amherst functions as the largest public university in New England. The university has promoted healthy living in many ways and has been over the years consistently ranked among the notable online nutrition schools and today offers the following degree options for people.

    • Master of Public Health in Nutrition


    All the schools mentioned here are all accredited and may turn out to be the perfect option for you to pursue a degree in nutrition. If you do not find any of these online nutrition schools matching your needs then before searching for another school always make a check if it is regionally accredited.

    Dilemma Amidst Destructive Practices – Whose Responsibility?

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    Human beings can, at times, be their own prisoners from their own choices, values ​​and decisions. These could either be acquired or inherited from ancestors. The main sources of them might be; families, clans (tribe or local culture), churches (religion), friends, hospitals, schools, national constitution, wider media and glorified personalities or celebrities. These could potentially influence people's attitudes and behaviors. But, also, influence of harmful practices could have impact from both local and global sources.

    Some of the harmful behaviors could include; abusing alcohol and drug, having entire savings traded for God, becoming promiscuous, getting humiliated, carrying out plastic surgery, aborting, environmental degradation and natural resources abuse, eating disorders, negative stereotyping and making generalized statements against others, child abuse, joining prostitution, sex slavery, woeful relations, paying bride price etcetera. Actually, any other thing chosen and acted upon yet of risk, could fall here.

    Agents of destruction front risky actions as good on the surface, yet below them, by large, are "very dangerous to follow". The danger element, surprisingly, would not deter their fan from taking risky actions. Unfortunately, at orientation into it, the danger side could be ignored.
    The problem victims could possibly have is never to question both sides of the coin -before making a decision. Questioning, per say, would appear simple to write or say, but very few people could do it. For them, they could have been groomed to follow, to be submissive and, that is it. It is what some people call blind faith.

    Behind them (change agents) exist people with an overall objective. For them, like change agents, only share specific objectives. As was with the Catholic Church before the reformation, the mission was sacred -where trying to question only described one; a sinner, a betrayal and, who qualifies to go to hell. Later on, people began forming attitude -that greatly influences mental and physical health.

    In case followers shown instances of doubt or at "fault", they could have asked to repent to the "unknown" – who really happens to be them. Having done saw, there would be emotional releases-a feeling of relief, as if a baggage has just fallen off the shoulders. They could act like; a clique of conmen popular in West Africa. And they could go as far as erecting a leadership structure.

    With a fault already attached to a recruitment, asking for forgiveness could help the body respond consistently to the "fact" that he or she has been forgiven, and historically, recovers. The entire process looks to be natural as long as specific orders are followed. It is a model confirmed and popular taught by religious-science churches in the United States of America (USA).

    The most critical element would be to accept, that he or she has been forgiven. Guided by the representative of the "unknown" -who because of the respect he harbors, has the charisma to influence the lives of others. The most important capital to them would be; learning respect and communicating effectively.

    Using the relationship created with his or her audience, he or she could begin reaping from the capital. Like army generals, they could now shout, "Left! Right! About turn!" and the audience would automatically follow. Meanwhile, what would be the end point here could have been to ask for money, for this and that. The then unconscious and brain-washed people, as would be expected, follow.

    But remember, the members of the audience do have more problems that would have compiled them to go to representatives of the unknown. In the first place, they would be lucky if they are not sexually abused. This time, they would be impoverished. And under extreme circumstances, they could lead to lunacy. Yet continued membership and subject to the toxic ideological waste, behaviors remain odd, and worried to people, who care.

    In African, lack of knowledge of about human rights, reluctance of them and sometimes simply inapplicable, failure to link harmful practices and ill-health, and inadequate skills to apply -when besieged by them, has been a key problem.

    Otherwise, people would not be drowning into such practices well-knowing they cause serious harm. And, coupled, such practices could threaten development or retard it-a diagnosis some people refer to as intellectual poverty.

    Surprisingly, in Africa, what is dangerous is considered normal and vice-versa. These, for example, could be; being a fan of war, corruption, practicing Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), murdering due to malice, and show of prejudice. They create these dangerous practices and say if they are not followed it is a taboo. And since people seldom dig into the background of the harmful ideas, they could certainly believe.

    Interestingly, life was so simplified that whichever one believed would work either in a wrong way or right way. This shows how nature provided for freedoms and democracy -long before man could introduce his own dimension.

    Dictatorship is to man against fellow men. But, man's democracy also is divisive, as would be compared with the universal one given by nature. This is so because it chooses to oppress and ignore minority views.

    In relationships, it would be possible to find a battered, woman only strengthened by the same torture. Even at a point of coma, she would still cry out for the abusive and sometimes promiscuous man. Yet in the same unhealthy relationship, loving is one-sided.

    Even with presentations of alternatives of seemingly more beautiful or handsome, they would fail to quit the trouble-some relationship -as if it is gold tainted. And yet, it could potentially bring about out endless emotional pain, physical illness -and sometimes culminate into suicide.

    Some people, because of extreme love for themselves, could go for plastic surgery -in spite of its fatal risks. Their unrealistic intentions soon turn sour yet irreversible. One gets psychologically hospitalized by having to deal with effects of cosmetic surgery time and again. Then, one could begin to blame doctor, who at best might just give just body maintenance instructions, and at a cost.

    Katharine and Castle (2004) found out that clients' objectives were short-lived, and attempts were only to redo the spilling parts. The procedure, thus, caused psychological unrest. "… experience depression and adjustment problems, social isolation, family problems, self-destructive behaviors and anger towards the surgeon and his or her staff."

    Payment of bride price is another night mare that could compromise the principle of equality. It could be observed that before marriage, as during dating, lovers respect each other. But as soon as they are confirmed husband and wife, problems ensue -to soon join victims of domestic violence. If there was any stronger support for bride price by either the bride or her sympathizer, they could possibly be the ones to pay.

    Alcohol and drug abuse too has almost similar psychological effect on a person. The mind could get so used to the substances that one thinks drinking more and more would answer withdrawal effects.

    As if silly, the fellow could drink until he or she ends up being unproductive, looking lousy, damaging the liver, having memory problems, and lunacy. Sometimes, they could continue abusing drugs and alcohol until they mute themselves out.

    In forested areas, it is another tragedy. People rush into them to farm, moreover using primitive methods of cultivation. They would have to keep clearing several hectares of land to create new season's farm land.

    The mass de-forestry along side industrial pollution could, then, give way to global warming as much as climate change. Indeed there are chronic cases of deforestation in places like Mayuge District. Whilst in the forests, encroachers have a live here or die out of here motto. They simply can never quit the area.

    But every nice thing can have imprimissionation element. One could, for example, get addicted to meat or butter -which could put be at risk of cardio vascular problems. Even with other foods, people could over-eat -till either vomit or get indigestion problem, could cause instability within the person. And so is the saying, "too much of anything is bad".

    At one time President Museveni, upon increment of sugar prices, asked people to quit-noting that its consumption could be a health hazard. Most Ugandans were but bitter, yet the man had a point!

    Also, where slimy bodies are a fashion, it could be another problem. Starving one-self to almost death because being slimy is beauty could, instead, cause serious health conditions, and often death. Such conditions could be like; total weight loss, extremely weak, getting sick for over six months and then death. Where as elsewhere people cry for food, in some places they totally hate it.

    Research has revealed that fans of slimy bodies tend to have personality problems, as being perfectionists -and could commit suicide if all did not go well. With multiple shortcomings, the person could be killed to death.

    Abortion is still an issue of debt world over. It is a rude way of family planning -which could have been the reason why it was not included in the common set of family planning methods. Young women, who abort often conceive in unusual situations, and moreover; earlier than planned. Having to choose abortion could have been almost attempted suicide. And at less, lead to infertility. Surprisingly, young people still go ahead to abort.

    Stereotyping and generalization could be a social problem. For example; there is greater saying that Basoga are sex maniacs. This statement could have been heard virtually anywhere in Uganda. But about how decisions were made, is another issue. Really, how many Basogas are on the streets of Kampala under sex slavery?

    Similarly, discrimination, segregation and negative labeling are another serious psycho social problem. When in late1990s data shown Basoga as being most fertile, other tribes branded them maniacs at sex.

    They forgot that the region has so many Muslims. Well, there are no records about the actual number but in Mayuge, alone, hardly one walk and come across a person with a Christian name. But remember, these people have four or so wives to begin with.

    Any, with Basoga talk, one would take take light, but must not be discrimination of people living with HIV / AIDS (PLWA). Such could potentially predictors of depression, damaged self-esteem and above all; one could go ahead to either commit suicide, murder or infect others (for the PLWAs). Is that nice?

    Unfortunately or fortunately, with traditional beliefs, educated people are reported to drive around them. Surprising findings by Butabika hospital revealed that even the educated elite in Uganda questioned for faith and traditional healing, rather than visit health centers.

    However, people would only need to deal with the good out of anything other than the whole -good and bad. A mixture of both good and bad can not make life (wellness). As that, it could jeopardize wellness search and deny individuals a chance to achieve life goals, be happy, and successful. Most important in life would be to experience universal goodness and, as the focus and purpose. And, so, is the power of positive living.

    While in the face of the bad, there could be no alternative but to find one's way -both in thoughts and body, out of the danger line or trap. And with psychological issues, it could only be a matter of jumping out and escaping before the worst would come. Otherwise, one could follow the likes of Kibwetere and company, among others.

    Most of the associations and relationships with people could take elements of a cult-where some people emerge as most powerful and influential. It could be the excess show of power and influence, fronting of strict regulations directly or indirectly drawn by an inner circle leader himself -for the memberships to follow. Above all; the inner circle, could be one general member acting as god. Out of it, there would be usually no good ending in its lifecycle, rather harm or destruction.

    While planning ones way out, there are some activities that could be done. These may be hobbies like reading health books, sending messages to health friends and sometimes to watch premier league or football in general. Foot ball is a peaceful game. Its entertainment too could bring a lot of rewards (of wellness). As these are being done, one could gain confidence, and support; swiftly, bought.

    Under extreme situations, mentally toxic places should be abandoned. Even the Bible- which is said to be most read book on earth -does support the idea of ​​fleeing a harsh and disastrous situation. Without quoting any verse the following questions could bring light: 1) Why would the Egyptians have to leave Egypt? 2) Why did the angel ask Joseph and Mary to relocate when King Herod became a sort of Amin? 3) Why could Lot have to free the unbearable Sodom and Gomorrah -without looking back like a king of 100 meter athlete? 4) Why did Elijah run when heavy rain was about to pour?

    Life is full of very many opportunities that would not make one feel as though its situation means end of life. It would be a matter of resetting and focusing on goodness. And there on form positive values ​​for wellness development.

    And whilst in a hot seat, it could be more a matter of planning, setting standards, making a choices and actions -as long as they represent universal goodness, than to negotiate. Having got there, one could use the experience obtained to help others survive entering the gates of misery and unplanned death or loss.

    Non-violence strategy too could have been thought about. It has a rich Christian component that does not support an eye for an eye game -yet actively expressing one's human rights. In it, again, one would deter emotions from mixing up with the mentally toxic people (or things), condemning them by continued actions of universal goodness (to oneself and other), and just refusing to acknowledge their selfish and agonizing behaviors. The kind of refusal could be as similar as refusing to kiss a crocodile.

    And when a village is under attack, you simply take off and investigate later. But in military terms, it could have been to first retreat then remobilize. For universal goodness, there are not only good things ahead, but nice friends as well. It is them that one would surround itself with-for wellness. But in all, one must stop himself and walk out toxic area. Life is bigger enough to find refugee and happiness small things and people who make other's existence difficult.