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Man United vs. Tottenham I EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS I Premier League 8/27/18 I NBC Sports


Watch the extended highlights between Man United and Tottenham during matchweek three of the 2018-2019 Premier League season. #ManUnited #Tottenham #PremierLeague

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Most THRILLING Games of this Season – 2018/19


Finally it is here. The most thrilling/entertainer games of this season so far. Let me know in the comments which games should have been featured as well (No amazing comebacks).
Song1 0:00 – 1:50 |
Song2 1:51 – 3:38 |
Song3 3:39 – 5:15 |
Song4 5:15 – 7:23 |
Song5 7:24 – END |

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World Football league Mod apk|| Football apk with Mod resources Aj Tech786

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Best XI ★ 2018 | Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1


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Best XI ★ 2018 | Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1

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Arsenal v Brentford Carabao Cup highlights

All the action as Brentford exit Carabao Cup despite Alan Judge goal at The Emirates Stadium

Manchester United vs Newcastle | Premier League Football Predictions | 06/10/18

Premier League Punters, part of the Bankroll series previews the Week 8 Premier League football match Manchester United vs Newcastle playing on Saturday 6th October 2018 and highlights the best betting odds and football match tips that are worth the bet and pack value with guests Gordon Flash Watson @Flash_37 & Michael @ChefMichael1128 and presented by Natalie Rydstrom.

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Football Postcast: Premier League Week 8 | Liverpool v Man City | Weekend Betting


Bruce Millington, Mark Langdon, James Milton and Paddy Power’s Emmet O’Keeffe look ahead to the best football bets of the weekend and preview one of the biggest games of the season in Liverpool v Manchester City.

On the show:
– Bruce asks another six questions including:
– Would Pochettino would consider becoming the next United boss?
– Are Villa doing a Wolves?
– Why are Celtic so low in the table?
– West Ham – what’s going on?

– Liverpool vs Manchester City is the biggest game of the weekend and possibly the season – does Jurgen Klopp’s setback at Napoli make the Reds a more attractive bet?

– We take a look at every Premier League game this weekend, where West Ham look set to continue their form against Brighton, Fulham host travel-weary Arsenal and Man Utd look tough to back at home to Newcastle.

– Weekend NAPs:
Bruce Millington: Wolves draw no bet at home to Palace
Mark Langdon: Colchester draw no bet at Stevenage
James Milton: West Brom to beat Reading
Emmet O’Keeffe: Burnley to beat Huddersfield

Producer: @AnyOldAdam

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How to Time Your Jump When Trying to Block in Volleyball

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Blocking in volleyball is at once the simplest skill to execute and the hardest one to do well. Timing the block correctly is part of that. This article will look at that timing aspect. This article will provide some advice on how to improve your timing to make you a more effective blocker.

Timing off the hitter’s jump

The single biggest determining factor in timing a volleyball block is matching your jump with the jump of the hitter. This doesn’t mean you need to jump at the exact same time as the hitter, but you won’t be too far off from that. Keeping this in mind may help with another facet of blocking which is making sure that your last bit of focus is properly on the hitter, not on the ball (subject for a separate article). It will also keep you from jumping when the hitter doesn’t actually jump (bad set, etc.).

Distance off the net

While the biggest timing factor is the hitter’s jump, you need to adjust your block jump based on how far off the net the hitter will be attacking the ball. The further back, the more you must wait to account for the longer time it will take for the ball to reach you. A back row attack, for example, requires a bit of a delay in your jump compared to a ball set tight to the net.

Speed of the hitter’s arm swing

The final little adjustment to timing comes by accounting for how hard the hitter attacks the ball. This is just like adjusting for the hitter’s distance off the net. An attacker with a fast arm swing will get the ball to you quicker than a player with a slow one. As a result, you have to delay a bit for the latter and jump a bit earlier for the former. If you can catch the hitter setting up an off-speed shot, that could also factor into your block timing (or your decision to go up at all).

Commit vs. Read

The jump, distance, and arm swing timing factors are going to be the same whether you are commit blocking (going up with a hitter without waiting to see if they are getting set) or reading blocking (waiting for the set). If you are commit blocking you still have to time your block based on the hitter’s jump, how near the net they are, and the speed of their swing.

Timing isn’t the only factor in good blocking, as getting up right on time won’t do you much good if you’re in the wrong spot. If you can combineproper timing together with proper positioning and blocking mechanics, though, you can put up a very nice block.