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Champions League Recap: Red Star Belgrade 2-0 Liverpool Highlights, Goals and Best Moments


All the action from Belgrade as Liverpool suffered a shock defeat at the hands Red Star Belgrade.

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Best Football Penalty Ever! (Icelandic Football league) [Good quality]


Best Football Penalty Ever!-(Iceland Football leugue)
Song-Barbra streisand-Duck sauce

College Tour of Ivy League Schools Designed for High School Juniors and Seniors

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For some of the most brilliant high school students and their families, the achievement of an Ivy League education is a dream worth reaching for and one that is within grasp. The Ivy League’s highly competitive admissions standards and large tuition costs are daunting for many high school students in the process of applying to colleges.

Yet attending an Ivy League school is desirable for many students. Those students who are academically prepared for the Ivy League may want to take a campus tour of some of the top Ivy League schools before deciding upon where to make application.

Trip leaders will want to schedule Ivy League college tours in students’ junior or senior years. Students will receive a walking tour of the college campus and an overview of the history (and in some cases the admissions process). Visiting student groups may dine at the university or participate in other activities with the campus community, as time and scheduling allows.

This sample college tour is designed for the school group interested in touring the campus of half of the eight Ivy League Schools. Included on this particular tour are: Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Harvard University

Harvard Square is the heartbeat of Boston, and it is the home of Harvard University. The university provides two different college tours: a tour on the history of Harvard and an undergraduate admissions tour. Groups can decide which is appropriate or may elect to take both. The university was established in 1636 and has a rich history that dates to English Settlement. With over 20,000 students and 2,000 faculty, Harvard serves a wide constituency. Some famous Harvard faculty include Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Stephen Greenblatt. Costs for undergraduate tuition are nearly $40,000 in 2010-11 academic year. Financial aid is available to students. Like other Ivy League Schools, Harvard provides a higher education for students of all means.

Princeton University

Established in 1746, Princeton University is located on 500 acres of land in central New Jersey. Princeton’s curriculum focuses on the study of humanities, social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. With 7,500 students and approximately 1,100 faculty members, Princeton offers a 6:1 student to faculty ratio and a distinguished private education. Princeton’s famous faculty includes writer and Nobel Prize winner Tony Morrison. Alumni Eugene O’Neill was also a Princeton graduate and Nobel Prize winner. Former president of the United States, Woodrow Wilson, was a student, professor, and one time president of Princeton University. Some highlights of the campus tour are Nassau Hall. Built in 1756 of local sandstone, Nassau Hall houses a faculty room that resembles the British House of Commons. Firestone Library, University Chapel, and Alexander Hall, were musical performances are held, are all architectural masterpieces students will visit on campus tour.

Yale University

Located in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale’s campus is in the heart of an urban area. Yale has been established since the early 1700s. On a campus tour, students will see some excellent architecture from the Victorian Gothic to New England Colonial to contemporary designs. Known for its school of law, medicine, arts and sciences and elite graduate and professional programs, Yale University is an excellent choice for outstanding students. The school serves 11,000 students and employs 3,200 faculty members. Campus tours are scheduled ahead of time for groups of 10 or more, and include an orientation video, and an overview of Yale’s history and architecture.

University of Pennsylvania

The sprawling University of Pennsylvania campus has been located in West Philadelphia since the 18th Century, when Ben Franklin helped to found it. In 1791, The College of Philadelphia became the University of Pennsylvania. Today, Penn has over 25,000 students and 4,000 faculty. The University of Pennsylvania is an Ivy League School known for its emphasis on the liberal arts and its curriculum for the business student. Many Penn graduates seek careers in public service or the arts. The Annenberg School for Communication and the Wharton School of Business are known around the world. Penn’s culture is one that celebrates the international student. It is a campus known for its diverse atmosphere of learning. Located on Walnut Street, the campus district is also known as University City. A tour will showcase the historical architecture on campus, give students a feeling for campus life, facilities, classrooms and administration, and provide an overview of West Philadelphia.

High school students destined for college can benefit a great deal from college tours. Students travel to college campuses with their peers, learn about college life, and are given insight into the city or area where the university is located. Taking campus tours may motivate students to get started on the college application process.

Teachers, administrators and school group leaders need to plan college tours six months to one year ahead of time. Since college applications are due in February and March of the senior year, it is highly recommended that college tours be scheduled for the junior year of high school, or fall of the senior year. For more information on scheduling college tours visit

American Sports Going Global – Good Thing or Bad Thing?

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When Spring Training comes to a close in late March, Major League Baseball players are usually pretty excited about finally getting to play real games. This year, a few choice teams should be even more enthused about the their opening day games. Namely, the Dodgers, Padres, Athletics and Red Sox. Why? Because aside from the fact that it is opening day, a memorable moment for any team, these four clubs will be playing their opening series overseas. The Dodgers will play the Padres in China and the Boston Red Sox will square off against the Oakland A’s in Japan, the home of Boston’s ace pitcher Daisuke Matsuzaka.

These internationally staged games are in line with the current trend of taking American sports into foreign venues. For instance, last season the NFL held a regular season game in London, England, the NBA played a variety of exhibition games in China (mostly due to Yao Ming’s star status), and the MLS hosted and participated in many international friendlies and tournaments.

My question is what impact, if any, results in taking American sports global. And are the impacts worth it. To answer that question, just ask the leagues. Would the NBA be the same without Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitski or Pau Gasol? Would Major League Baseball be the same without David Ortiz or Albert Pujols? No. The fact of the matter is that taking American sports to an international stage brings in foreign talent that makes the leagues more competitive and the games more interesting to fans, especially foreign fans. Nowadays, you could pit the best five American NBA players against the best five international players and have a pretty competitive game. Would that have been the case 15 years ago when Jordan and Magic Johnson were playing? Not a chance.

Another reason why sports reach into foreign countries is a good thing becomes apparent when you take a look at business revenue. By attracting a larger audience base around the world, the NBA, MLB and other major sports leagues make more money. Apparel sales and royalties from televised games are at an all-time high. The leagues are making more money which, in turn, allows them to plan for the future, invest their money wisely, and ultimately improve the situation of the leagues. Any way you slice it, going global is a marked improvement.

But, what about all the naysayers who maintain that foreign influences are changing the games we Americans have grown up with? There are those who feel that today’s sports are so different from the past that we can no longer call them American sports. Rather they must now be called international sports. And honestly, there is some truth in that. But if you take a look at how sports have changed, you’ll see that evolution is the culprit of the changes not foreigners. Take for instance the changes that have occurred in the NBA over the years. In the early day of basketball, the granny shot and textbook bounce passes were the norm. In contrast to that style of play, nowadays the league is ruled by ally-oop dunks and crossovers. But, you have to ask yourself whether these changes can be chalked up to foreign influence. In my opinion, the changes can be attributed more so to homegrown players like Lebron James and Allen Iverson than foreign players.

To sum up, taking American sports global is a good thing. The leagues’ rosters are more talented and their wallets are fatter than ever before. How can you argue with that?

NASCAR’s Organizational Structure

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Make no doubt about it, NASCAR is a business and is run like any other major corporation. It’s a family-owned business with Brian France as the third-generation CEO. Brian France is the son of Bill France, Jr., who passed away at the age of 74 in June of 2007.

The current President of NASCAR is Mike Helton. What is interesting about Mike Helton’s appointment as President in the organization structure is that he is not a member of the France family. He was named as President of the organization in 1999. That was a year that would see much change in terms of safety because of the sudden death of Dale Earnhardt on the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500 and it was because of this incident that it would begin to head numerous initiatives for the safety of drivers and fans.

The very nature of a family-controlled organization means that the family will control most of the proceeds. This has been a criticism by some who think that it should be a joint owner-player type of profit sharing model. Other critics have made assertions that the organization could do more for driver safety. And there have been accusations that they are monopolistic in its policies. But millions enjoy the sport promoted by this business and advertisers love the exposure they get. Plus, the championship prizes seem to be attractive to many drivers.

NASCAR is not publicly-traded on the stock exchange however its major sanctioning body is International Speedway Corporation which is publicly traded on the NASDAQ under stock symbol ISCA. ISC owns as well as operates 11 motor speedways plus is a major promoter of motor sports. Bill France’s sister Lesa France Kennedy and his uncle Jim France is the Vice Chairman of the Board and Chairman of the Board/CEO respectively. Although not an organizational structure per se, it’s structure is built around three main events which could be thought of as three main lines of business: 1) The Nextel Cup Series, 2) The Busch Series, and 3) The Craftsman Truck Series.

And a fundamental part of the organization’s structure is the promoters. Promoter sponsorship has drawn some criticism from the fan base because more and more it seems that it’s more about commercials than it is about racing. However, in order for it to stay alive as an organization it needs the sponsors. Ticket sales alone will probably not bring in the revenue needed to stay healthy in business. The Nextel Cup Series is the most prestigious of them all. This series starts with the Daytona 500 at the beginning and consists of 36 races in 19 states and on 22 different tracks.

The second premier event in the series is the Craftsman Truck Series. This event started in 1996 and was previously known as the SuperTruck Series. Its roots come from a display of a Racing-style pickup truck at the 1994 Daytona 500. And the last premier event in the series is the Busch Series which is considered to be like the minor leagues of NASCAR.

Kentwood Football League: Kentwood VS Tylertown 5-6 Age Group

Kentwood Football League: Kentwood VS Tylertown
5-6 Age Group

Artist: Alvaro Angeloro
Title: Bring It On

Artist: Tortex
Title: Stomp Rock