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Man United v. Everton I PREMIER LEAGUE MATCH HIGHLIGHTS I 10/28/18 I NBC Sports


Man United took a 2-0 lead over Everton and held on for a 2-1 win at Old Trafford. #ManUnited #Everton #PremierLeague

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NBC Sports Group serves sports fans 24/7 with premier live events, insightful studio shows, and compelling original programming. NBC Sports is an established leader in the sports media landscape with an unparalleled collection of sports properties that include the Olympics, NFL, Premier League, NHL, NASCAR, PGA TOUR, the Kentucky Derby, Tour de France, French Open, IndyCar and many more. Subscribe to our channel for the latest sporting news and highlights!

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Matchday 11 Premier League Betting Tips and Predictions | Free EPL Picks | Premier League Punters


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Man United vs. Tottenham I EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS I Premier League 8/27/18 I NBC Sports


Watch the extended highlights between Man United and Tottenham during matchweek three of the 2018-2019 Premier League season. #ManUnited #Tottenham #PremierLeague

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NBC Sports Group serves sports fans 24/7 with premier live events, insightful studio shows, and compelling original programming. NBC Sports is an established leader in the sports media landscape with an unparalleled collection of sports properties that include the Olympics, NFL, Premier League, NHL, NASCAR, PGA TOUR, the Kentucky Derby, Tour de France, French Open, IndyCar and many more. Subscribe to our channel for the latest sporting news and highlights!

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The END Of the Champions League? Europe’s Biggest Clubs to Leave UEFA? (Football Leaks Explained)


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The END Of the Champions League? Europe’s Biggest Clubs to Leave UEFA? (Football Leaks Explained)

In this video, we will be looking at the recent Football Leaks revelations as published by Der Spiegel about an alleged European Super League, how Europe’s biggest clubs could look to leave UEFA, and explain how the European Super League would work.

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#FootballLeaks #EuropeanSuperLeague #UEFA

ARS vs LEI dream11 team prediction and lineups Premier League Arsenal vs Leicester City Football

ARS vs LEI dream11 team prediction and lineups English Premier League Arsenal vs Leicester City Football match. Dream11 football fantasy match contest between Arsenal vs Leicester City football teams. ARS vs LEI dream11 teams. Safe and balanced team to increase your winning chances in the dream11 football fantasy league contest of the match between Switzerland and Iceland in the English Premier League. Subscribe the channel for more. ARS vs LEI dream11 team prediction for grand contest teams to win big in dream11 football fantasy league.

Premier League Crossbar Challenge (PARODY)


A parody of the Premier Leauge clubs having a crossbar challenge!

After the coaches Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger, Pep Guardiola, Mauricio Pochettino, Antonio Conte, Jurgen Klopp & Rafael Benitez decides to have a crossbar challenge. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Harry Kane, David Silva, Mezut Özil, Philippe Coutinho & Eden Hazard show who is the best at crossbar challenge.

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The Racist Strike – Albert Pujols, Stan Musial and Jackie Robinson’s Contract

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In honor of last year’s Major League Baseball All Star Game in St. Louis, Missouri, home of the St. Louis Cardinals, I thought I’d tell the tale of one of the most famous contracts of all time, Jackie Robinson’s signing by the Brooklyn Dodgers to break the baseball color barrier, and the Cardinal players’ planned strike that never happened, a phantom from another era.

Over the broad expanse of a crimson hood, the two hallowed outfielders smiled for photographers on Opening Day of the 2009 season. Smiles on their faces, they rode a red car through the bowels of Busch Stadium and out into the light of the field’s open air, waving to fans and chatting with each other as they basked in applause and each other’s reflected glory.

Who knew this day would be possible many decades ago? It may have been hard to envision for Stan Musial, the greatest Cardinal hitter of all time, who played for the mighty Cardinals of the early 1940s, a team made up of white players, in a league full of whites, without a single black or brown skinned player to sully the supremacist ideals of the time. But today, on this Opening Day, Musial, the white skinned Pennsylvanian, rides in the car next to Albert Pujols, a brown Dominican, and the greatest Cardinal hitter since Musial. Pujols is so great that he may actually be better than Musial, as Cardinals aficionados will no doubt debate endlessly in the years to come when Pujols amasses more hits and honors in our grand expected future imaginings. But, for now, forget about the unknown future, for this day, today, provides a future we already know, a future we can surprisingly see from the strained past of 1947.

What do we see? We see Musial and Pujols smiling at each other, mugging for the cameras, praising each other’s hitting prowess, Pujols querying Musial for tips on batting, Musial cracking jokes in response, as beloved as ever to the Cardinals patrons, forever their Stan “The Man.” Pujols maintains such respect for Musial that he rejects the nickname, “El Hombre” (Spanish for “the man”), which the St. Louis scribes bestowed on him, saying that there is only one man, Stan Musial, and the press should not refer to any other with that appellation.

Seeing this respect, this torch, handed down from the 1947 generation to the 2009 one, must be an inspiring sight to behold from 1947 eyes. Branch Rickey, general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers, had signed Jackie Robinson, who in that year took over second base and, more importantly, became the first black player in Major League Baseball. Many writers have detailed the numerous death threats, curses, slights and horrific indignities faced by Robinson, and James Giglio offers an account of the Cardinal reaction in the biography, “Musial: From Stash to Stan the Man.”

Giglio called 1947 “A Troubling Year.” And the troubles were many. Dixie Walker, Robinson’s Dodger teammate, led the vitriol among his fellow southern players within the Dodger clubhouse. When the Dodger’s star shortstop, Kentuckian Pee Wee Reese, defied this confederation by befriending Robinson, Walker’s support whittled away. However, Walker knew players on other teams who felt the same. Chicago Cub starting pitchers were directed to knock Robinson down. Alabaman Ben Chapman, manager of the Phillies, encouraged his players to bean Robinson with pitches and spike him on the basepaths. It’s important to note that not all southerners were unfair to Robinson, though, who recalled that Cardinals second baseman and South Carolinian Marty Marion “was always nice to me.”

Many teams even considered voting as to whether or not they would be willing to play the Dodgers. Several key factors set the stage for the Cardinals’ strike talk. St. Louis boasted one of the largest contingents of southern players in the National League. St. Louis was the home of Sporting News, the self-styled bible of baseball, which had previously been against integration. The Cardinals and Dodgers were two of the preeminent teams of the ’40s, with a strong rivalry that generated great enmity. And the Dodger manager, Leo Durocher, previously played for the Cardinals, starring on their great 1930s “Gashouse Gang” teams. Even worse, the Dodger general manager, Branch Rickey, used to be the general manager of the Cardinals.

Back in 1917, the Cardinals were a second class team in their own town, trailing the St. Louis Browns in revenue and popularity. Branch Rickey took over as General Manager that year and built the Cardinals into the greatest team in the National League with his innovative minor league farm system. But in 1942, after a falling out with Cardinal President Sam Breadon over his contract renewal (apparently the two had a cool relationship over the years, though with mutual respect), Rickey jumped to Brooklyn, leaving St. Louis behind (Rickey apparently was particularly upset that his contract had not been renewed even though his Cardinals had beat the Yankees and won the World Series that season). The chasm between the Dodgers and Cardinals was deep and wide. Jackie Robinson was not just Dodger black, he was also Dodger blue, in the face of Cardinal anger, a Cardinal red ember.

On May 9, New York Herald Tribune writer Stanley Woodward let the baseball world know about a threatened Cardinals player strike against the Dodgers. According to Woodward, Sam Breadon was having none of it. He flew to Manhattan for an audience with National League President Ford Frick. When the meeting ended, Frick told Breadon that the would-be strikers should remember this:

“If you [strike], you will be suspended from the league. You will find that the friends you think you have in the press box will not support you. You will be outcasts. I do not care if half the league strikes. Those who do it will encounter quick retribution. All will be suspended and I don’t care if it wrecks the National League for five years. This is the United States of America and one citizen has as much right to play as another…. You will find if you go through with your intention that you have been guilty of complete madness.”

Woodward’s story may have encouraged other team owners to pressure their players to not strike as well.

The Cardinals and the legendary St. Louis sportswriter were aghast at these accusations, arguing that while there was grumbling among a few Cardinals players, nothing had approached the level of angst described by Woodward.

What was Musial’s take on the affair? He apparently confided to another Tribune writer, Roger Kahn, that the Robinson talk amongst the Cardinals was “rough and racial,” but nothing worse occurred. Musial also denied the existence of any strike vote. Decades later, at a mid-90s St. Louis event promoting one of Kahn’s books, Musial bizarrely found himself seated between Kahn and Broeg, who argued vehemently over the degree of anti-Robinson Cardinal fervor. Musial tried to stay above it all, but in 1997, at an event honoring the 50th anniversary of Robinson breaking the baseball color barrier, Musial argued that the Cardinals never even discussed a strike. Giglio was not so sure, and openly wonders if Musial made that statement so as not to embarrass many of his southern teammates who ended up on the wrong side of history. Regardless, Musial did tell Kahn that “he had no trouble with integration,” and took the time to honor Robinson.

Despite Musial’s respect for Robinson, Musial paid the price for Robinson’s detractors. If a Cardinal pitcher deliberately threw at Robinson, then Durocher ordered the Dodger pitcher to retaliate by throwing at Musial. When Musial complained, Durocher apparently said, “You’re the best man I know on the Cardinals. For every time [Robinson] gets one, it looks to me like you’re gonna get two.” Durocher felt that this kind of retaliation stopped the Cardinals cold from hurting Robinson. Cardinal manager Eddie Dyer at the time may have helped to eventually convince his players to treat Robinson fairly, as Robinson remembered his first visit to the Cardinals’ stadium, Sportsman’s Park, where Dyer stopped Robinson in full view of the Cardinals and said, “he was glad to see me and that he wished me luck.”

Robinson said that “Musial always treated me with courtesy.” In one game, enraged after being spiked by the Cardinal outfielder Enos Slaughter, Musial heard Robinson say how badly he wanted revenge. Musial allegedly told him, “I don’t blame you. You have every right to do so.”

Thinking about our rights is perhaps the most fitting way to end this story. The underpinning of our entire economy and way of life is embodied by the concept of a contract, a deal struck between two parties, one desiring nothing more than the meritorious services of the other, and that other desiring nothing more than a chance to ply a trade, whether to work in a coal mine, wait tables, run a major corporation, or even play baseball. When you strike a deal with someone, you generally expect it to be met, your expectations realized, and your rights fulfilled. Robinson’s breakthrough season represents the true attainment of this contract right, as he fulfilled his dream to play Major League Baseball, no matter who tried to preclude his Dodger dealings.

In this vein, 1947 dissolves into 2009, leaving us with just Musial and Pujols, sitting in a car, gliding through a stadium, embraced by the Cardinal faithful, happy but perhaps unaware of the racial tensions that would make such a noble gathering inconceivable many years ago.

(This article relies on James Giglio’s excellent coverage in “Musial: From Stash to Stan the Man”)

Soccer Safari – A Brand New Video Slot Machine

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Soccer Safari is a 5 reel thirty payline video slot machine based on World Cup 2010. Soccer Safari has a wild, scatter symbols, the Go for Goal game, the Free Spins bonus round and the Gamble game.

The Soccer Safari Logo symbol is a wild symbol, so try to receive it as much as possible because it can generate additional winning combinations by substituting for other symbols. And the Soccer Safari Logo is a main symbol which can generate a highest jackpot worth 2000 coins. Just spin five Soccer Safari Logo symbols on an enabled payline and win the main jackpot. The Soccer Safari Logo wild symbol does not substitute for the Trophy and Zebra symbols.

With this slot machine you can receive winning combinations not only on enabled paylines. The Trophy symbol is a scatter which can generate scatter winning combinations on any lines. Spin two or more Trophy symbols on any reels and win up to 200 times your bet.

Three or more Trophy symbols scattered on any lines start the Go for Goal bonus game, where you can win up to 60,000 coins. In the Go for Goal game you choose a team color, choose a one player to reveal up to a 5x multiplier, choose a target, and if your player hits the target and scores a goal, you will win between 10x-50x your total bet, if the goal is saved you will win a prize between 2x-5x your total bet. At the end of the game you can gamble your winnings in the Gamble Bonus Round or continue the regular slot game.

Five free spins are awarded when you hit two Zebra symbols on reels 1 and 5. In the Free Spins bonus game the Zebra symbols expand to all positions on reels 1 and 5, and Zebra symbols act as wild symbols and replace other symbols to generate winning combinations during the Free Games. After the fifth free spin, reels 2,3 and 4 are held in position and only reels 1 and 5 are spun, and if you receive again two Zebra symbols on reels 1 and 5, the Free Spins game will be reactivated.

Any your win can be gambled in the Gamble game. In this game you choose a correct card color and your current win is doubled, if you choose a correct card suite, your win is quadrupled.

Silvia Poll – A Woman With Sport in Her DNA

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The Lady of Costa Rica

From Ricardo Prado (Brazil) and Ana Maria Schutlz (Argentina) to Alberto Eugenio Mestre (Venezuela) and Ana Lallande (Puerto Rico), Latin America has had exciting swimmers, but none to compare with Silvia Poll Ahrens, a famous athlete from Costa Rica between 1986 and 1992. Born in Managua, Nicaragua, Miss Poll, whose parents were from Nordrein, Westfalia (Germany), moved to Costa Rica in the late 70s (during the Nicaraguan war). With support from her family -as several Latin American athletes-she won a silver medal in the Summer Olympic Games in Seoul, South Korea.

Like Mireya Luis Hernandez (volleyball), Nadia Comaneci (gymnastics), and Sonja Henie (skating), she had been recognized early on as a prodigy. She had started training with Francisco Rivas in the early 80s, together with other swimmers such as Marcela Cuesta, Monserrat Hidalgo, and Sigrid Niehaus. The rigorous training began to yield results in the mid-1980s. At the 1986 Central American & Caribbean Games in the Dominican Republic, Poll, when she was only 15 years old, picked up a total of ten medals; one of the best performances by a woman in sport history. But that was not all.

Silvia Poll & Óscar Arias Sánchez

By August 1987, she picked up a total of eight Pan American medals (3 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze) in Indianapolis, Indiana (USA), sparking off celebrations in the Central American republic. Certainly the results were impressive for the size of the country, more than twice the size of Massachusetts. Curiously Costa Rica had not won a Pan American medal since 1951, when the country's football team was runner-up at the First Pan American Games in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In Indiana, Miss Poll was elected "Queen of the international Games". After that event, she captured six gold medals in Cincinnati, America.

Nicaragua-born Costa Rican swimmer Silvia Poll was twice named Best Athlete of Latin America (1987 & 1988), ahead of Diego Armando Maradona and Ayrton Senna. Despite these achievements, she suffered a serious setback when she was not backed by the nation's then-President Óscar Arias Sánchez (and 1986 Nobel Peace Prize winner). As a result, she could not compete in many pre-Olympic tournaments in Australia, Europe, USSR and the United States. Without a doubt, she lost the chance to be an Olympic champ.

Today she, as famous as a football star in Central America, is remembered not only for her achievements, but for her unique discipline. After her retirement from the national team, Latin America's swimmers were never as successful again at the Summer Olympics until 1996 when Claudia, Silvia's sister, won a gold medal in the Olympiad in America.

Football (Soccer) Betting Tip – No Value No Bet

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Value hunting is universal. It is applicable to both life and business. And it should apply to football betting as well. Many punters fail to appreciate the significance of value betting. This is the most important BUT also the most misunderstood concept in football betting. Value is the real key to making profit in the long run.


Simply, value is found when you can obtain an object for less than what it is actually worth. The following illustration will clearly explain this.

You are an antique enthusiast and you are browsing around an antiques shop. You notice a nice old vase on offer for $100. You know you could resell the vase for at least $120. This means there is VALUE in buying the vase. The key here is your KNOWLEDGE that the vase is actually worth $120.

However, if you buy the vase with the intention to sell it but WITHOUT KNOWLEDGE how much you could sell the vase for, then this is not a wise purchase and it is not a value buy.

The same principle applies to football betting. In sports, the true value of the outcome of a match is expressed by the probability of that outcome happening. If you can get a price which is HIGHER than the one indicated by the probability, then you have found value.

So, the prices (or odds) offered by the bookmakers are related to the probability of that outcome happening. Now, how do we determine whether the odds are of value?


Fair prices (or odds) are set if the result is expected to be a 50/50 situation.

Let’s take the example of the flipping of a coin. As there are two sides of the coin, the chances of heads and tails are 50% each. The formula to calculate the odds in such a 50/50 situation is 100 / 50 = 2. Therefore, odds of 2 are called FAIR ODDS.

So, if we are betting on coin-throws, when the price offered is lower than 2, then it has no value because we will definitely lose. However, if the price is higher than 2, say 2.10, it means the probability for the win is 5% higher (2.10/2.00). This is value.


Before we know how to find value, we must first understand how to calculate probability and value.

Probability Calculation

The formula is:

Probability = 1 / 0dds

So, if an event is offered at 2.50, then it has a probability of

1 / 2.5 = 40% chance of happening ACCORDING TO THE BOOKMAKER.

If you estimate the ‘true’ chance is greater than 40%, then you have found value.

Value Calculation

The formula is:

Odds x Percentage / 100 > 1.0 (The figure must be greater than 1.0 to have value)

In the above example, if you estimate the percentage to be 50%, the value calculation will be :

2.50 x 50 / 100 = 1.25 (This is value as the figure is greater than 1.0)


The keys to value punting are:

* How accurate you can estimate the winning percentage of the outcome.

* Getting the best odds for that event.

Calculating the winning chance is not an easy task. Finding value is 100% subjective. One may deem odds of 1.20 is value but another may disagree. Some punters feel that for odds of 1.20, the event must have a probability chance of at least 83% because they have to win five out of six such 1.20 events to be in profit.

So, finding value odds is very individualistic. Sometimes, odds of 1.50 represents value. Sometimes, even 15.00 is not worth the shot.

After researching the usual selection criteria, shortlist your betting targets. Then create your own estimations on the percentage of Home win, a draw or Away win. No strategy is set in stone. You have to try out various methods and over time, you will realise how certain factors will influence the outcome more than others.

Time, experience and practice are essential in ‘perfecting’ your methods.


If one of your value bet loses, it does not mean the bet does not have value. A punter must learn to accept that not all bets can be winning bets. The decisive factor is to find value in your picks. Of course, the more the number of value bets, the higher the profit you can achieve.