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Premier League 18/19 – Top 15 Best Goals in August 2018

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The Top 15 Goals of the Month :
1- Roben Neves – Wolves 2-2 Everton (26/08/2018)
2- Pedro – Huddersfield 0-3 Chelsea (11/08/2018)
3- Pereyra – Watford 2-0 Brighton (11/08/2018)
4- Bernado Silva – Arsenal 0-2 Man City (12/08/2018)
5- Lucas Moura – Tottenham 3-1 Fulham (18/08/2018)
6- Trippier – Tottenham 3-1 Fulham (18/08/2018)
7- Wilson – West Ham 1-2 Bournemouth (18/08/2018)
8- Aguero – Man City 6-1 Huddersfield (19/08/2018)
9- David Silva – Man City 6-1 Huddersfield (19/08/2018)
10- Andre Grey – Burnley 1-3 Watford (19/08/2018)
11- Will Hughes – Burnley 1-3 Watford (19/08/2018)
12- Ryan Bertrand – Southampton 1-2 Leicester (25/08/2018)
13- Seri – Fulham 4-2 Burnley (26/08/2018)
14- Holebas – Watford 2-1 Palace (26/08/2018)
15- Lucas Moura – Man United 0-3 Tottenham (27/08/18)

Premier league football Quiz.

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Chelsea vs Manchester United | Premier League English 2018-19 | Big Match & PES Gameplays PC


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Network Data Cabling Meets Premier League Football!


Moving up to the premier league this football club needed a network data cabling system that wouldn’t let them down on match day.

Southampton Football Club
When Southampton Football Club or the Saints as they are affectionately known decided to upgrade their Network Data Cabling Infrastructure, towards the latter months of 2011, ACCL were delighted to be approached to complete the work.
The Network Data Cabling system needed to be upgrade to allow the deployment of the new 10Gig LAN across the stadium. The Stadium project involved 2 phases, and we have completed phase one the installation of the Air Blow Fibre Optic Cabling between four Communications rooms.

And phase two the tidy of the existing network data cabling to support the new 10Gig network. This Video show the work carried out in one of the four room to bring the network data cabling infrastructure up to the standard’s needed to support the new 10 Gig Network.

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Sunderland’s Worst Ever Premier League Season: A Brief History Of


In 2003, Sunderland was relegated from the Premier League with 19 points, a record low points tally. Three years later, they broke their own record. Iain Macintosh recounts Sunderland’s worst ever Premier League season, featuring such auspicious characters as Mick McCarthy, Jon Stead and Kevin Ball.
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Tito Vilanova – The Road to Becoming Barca Boss

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Born on 17 September 1969, Tito Vilanova is a retired Spanish footballer who used to play as the central midfielder. He had a pretty unassuming professional career, and played about 26 La Liga games in a time span of three years. After that he became associated with the FC Barcelona as an assistant coach under Pep Guardiola, during which time they won 14 major titles.

When Pep Guardiola announced that he would no more be associated with FC Barcelona after the 2011/2012 season, following a four glorious trophy years at the Nou Camp, the club was quick to sign Tito Vilanova in his place, the 16th Catalan coach in the history of the club.

At the time, 42 year old Vilanova was the assistant to Guardiola, who had replied upon him heavily during his tenure as coach and who backed his appointment. During an interview following the announcement Vilanova said that he was not at all worried about being compared to Guardiola, adding that it would be a difficult task to maintain what the former Barcelona coach had achieved for his team.

Football Career

Vilanova first made a mark in the youth ranks of the local FC Barcelona team and his career took a kick start from there. In 1990, he left La Liga giants as he was unable to get into the first team. His next club was UE Figueres, which belonged to his native place. Vilanova played brilliantly and helped his team get the best 2nd division in the 1991-92 football season (third place). In the promotion playoffs, the club faced Cádiz CF and lost with 1-3 on aggregate.

After that Vilanova shifted to the top level along with Celta de Vigo, though fans could see him quite over the entire three season course. In 1995, he returned to division two and represented CD Badajoz. In 1998, Vilanova became the first player ever to net against a team that was directed by José Mourinho, a Portuguese.

Managerial experience prior to Barça

Vilanova worked as the technical director at Terrassa FC for a few years and then was appointed as the assistant to FC Barcelona's coach Pep Guardiola. In 2008, the duo replaced Dutch Frank Rijkaard and Johan Neeskens, and were assigned to the first team.

At Camp Nou, their first season was the most successful in the history of Barcelona with the club winning the major trophies six times and becoming the first Spanish team to win the league, domestic cup and also the European club titles in the same season; Once appointed as the new coach, the spotlight turned to him as fans wondered if he could take the team to even greater heights.

Soccer Mom Score – The Role of Soccer Moms

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Soccer mom score during election and greatly contributes in any supported party or candidate. The term “soccer mom” commonly refers to women belonging to the middle class family who have sons or daughters playing soccer.

The primary duty of a traditional mom is to parent their children, prepare them for school and drive them to school with their minivans and joins PTA meetings. She is in charge of dropping their kids to different activities like soccer. They are the number one fans of the children during sports competitions. Many of these moms work at home and some have full time jobs. Those are the most common jobs associated with these moms.

But in politics, these moms are no ordinary mothers. These moms are usually active in different NGO work or in many organizational activities. This group is also considered by politicians as one of the voting force which largely influence the election in favor of the candidate they support. The soccer mom score can give a candidate the winning seat. This has been proven during the election of past President Clinton. From then on, politicians value the support of this group and do their best to get the support from them.

We cannot deny the fact that these moms contribute so much in the society. With their devotion and hard work in taking care of a family and participating in social, cultural and political activities is a great ordeal which needs to be recognized and respected. They uphold the discipline and moral of their children in as much as they can.

How To Improve Your Soccer Prediction Skills And Start To Make Consistent Money From Sports Betting

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If you are a soccer fan and bet occasionally, I believe you would have similar experience as below.

No matter how confidence you are about a team’s form and track record, there is still this “lady luck”. That is why many people say the ball is round, implying that the result of a match may go either way and it depends on luck sometimes….

I know there are many factors which can affect the result of a soccer match. These factors include the form of a team, whether the team is at home or away, even the emphasis of the team on a particular cup, and many more. Many times, even if you believe that you have done enough in assessing these factors before placing your bets, the results still turn out against you. Why? Simply because the lady LUCK is not on your side.

In summary, there is no 100% chance of winning for any team. If there is, the odds offer by the bookies will be extremely low that you will find it EXTREMELY unattractive to place the bet.

However, if you want to make a consistent income in sports betting, you need to cut down those inconsistent factors and spread the risk as some call it “spread betting”.

I would like to share the following tips in this “BETTING PROFITS FORMULA” which I have learnt:

1. Value Bets – You need to know where to find them and when to bet them. Skipping this part and you will join the 98% of punters who lose money…

2. Money Plan – You need a clear system that protects your money like a rabid guard dog and arms you with a flexible strategy that maximises profits and prepares you for any situation …

3. Fast Tracking – You need an easy way to track your results. This system will make it quick and easy by giving you the “drag-and-drop” spreadsheet …

This is a system using the statistics as well as mathematics as a strategy to win the bet. Of course you need to do some homework to find out the “value bets” to place your bets.

It also teaches you:

4. The 5 crucial elements that decide 99% of all soccer matches – and how they tip you to the greatest value odds…

5. Six step-by-step examples of how you can find values and make bets, and

6. The 4 things that ultimately determine whether a bookmaker’s odds are a good value, or cheddar in rat trap…

The next time when you place your bets, please take into account of the tips I have shared above and put yourself on the winning streak of your sports betting.