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Premier League Week 11 predictions: Arsenal vs. Liverpool, and more | Premier League Predictor


Paul Mariner and Mark Donaldson of ESPN FC give their Premier League Week 11 predictions on the Premier League Predictor, including Bournemouth vs. Manchester United, Cardiff City vs. Leicester City, Everton vs. Brighton & Hove Albion, Newcastle United vs. Watford, West Ham vs. Burnley, Arsenal vs. Liverpool, Wolverhampton Wanderers vs. Tottenham, Manchester City vs. Southampton, Chelsea vs. Crystal Palace, and Huddersfield vs. Fulham.

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FM19 teams to manage | Football Manager 2019 teams to manage | Premier League


In today’s video Sam takes a look at the teams to manager on FM19. A great way to decided which team to manage on Football Manager 2019

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Top 10 Premier League Players 2017


These are the top 10 premier league players 2016/17.
No. 3 Alexis Sanchez 😉
These are ranked mostly due to the performances and the quality of the players.

PES 2019 (PC) Liverpool vs Cardiff City | PREMIER LEAGUE PREDICTION | 27/10/2018 |4K 60FPS

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Simulated FA Premier League Prediction Match between Liverpool Football Club & Cardiff City Football Club @ Anfield, Liverpool. Played October 27, 2018.

Full HD Gameplay Max Settings @ 4K 60FPS

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#FOOTBALLFRIDAYS: FIFA 19 & PES 2019 (Select matches from leagues, cups & international matches across the globe)

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How to Watch Live Soccer Matches on the Internet Through Your Browser

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How to watchlive soccer matches on the Internet through your Browser. Your must have fast internet access to enjoy, preferably 3G or 4Ginternet speed.
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5 of the 92 in the English Football League – Stevenage FC

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Join me on my journey around the 92 football league clubs in England & Wales as I look to experience being a fan of each club.

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I’m looking for fans to get involved and show me their team and their city. Throughout this trip, I will be raising money and awareness for CALM a charity helping tackle the biggest killer of men 20-45 in the UK. @TheCALMzone

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Match Report: Dan Branowsky @StevenageFC

Liverpool vs Manchester City | Premier League English 2018-19 | Big Match & PES Gameplays PC


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Fixed Odds Football Betting System Review

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As I was a keen football fan but had relatively little betting experience I decided to test this system as the results looked good and at the time my bank account could do with a boost. The results were quite shocking.

Within a month of doing as the easy to follow guide suggested I was up over £300 on my initial investment, from the 8 selections I made I had placed 7 winning bets. Although I started to get excited at the great results I knew that it could just be beginners luck so I carried on using the system for a further 2 months I had already agreed that if this system was profitable over 3 months I would further increase the size of the bets I was placing. Well 2 months further in to my test and I was up nearly £1200. From 35 bets I had placed 29 winning bets which saw my bank account sky rocket. As I now felt confident in the system I increased my bets further and was still seeing great success.

A year on and I can now afford to work part time. I now place bets on 5 different football leagues in Europe including; the Premiership, the bundesliga, the SuperLiga, the Primera Division and the SuperLiga . That is whats great about this system, you can use the knowledge given to you in any footbal league around the globe and still have success. I now place over 40 bets a week and to date I have never had a week were I didn’t profit from using the systems advice.

I would definitely recommend purchasing and reading through the Fixed Football Odds Betting System. The name of the system I used was the football cashbuilder. I have gone through others and used and tested those, but few have resulted in the profits that I have made from this football betting system.

If Digital Marketing Was a Football Club

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Digital Marketing is a lot like running a football team. Every element has a different role to play, delivering very different types of contribution. But the whole has got to be completely in tune, a well-oiled machine working towards a common goal. Different skills are needed and a method needed to analyse what each individual/tactic is delivering. Although the strikers/creatives might always be the ones who catch the eye and get the praise, the rest of the squad are just as important.

So this is my attempt to play Fantasy Football Manager with my Digital Market Strategy.

1 Goalkeeper – PPC

You need absolute reliability from a keeper. Nothing flashy. You can’t afford for him to have an off day. If a manager is going to sleep at night, he needs to know exactly what he’s going to get from his stopper. That’s what you get from PPC – exactly what you pay for. As long as you’ve done your keyword analysis right, PPC will deliver what it promises – every time.

2 and 3 Full-Backs – Social medial marketing

Modern full backs have got to be multi-skilled and adaptable. They need solid defensive skills when needed, but then have the pace, fitness and skill to get forward and support the attack when the opportunity arises. That’s what you get from your social media marketing. You might be doing it simply for the social signals to help your SEO. Or for customer service or simply to keep your community engaged then BANG! You produce some great content and your social media can give it wings and get it shared far and wide.

4 Centre Back – Conversion Rate Optimisation

A centre back has got to read the game, predict where the danger is going to come from, then be in the right position to deal with it effectively. That’s what CRO does. No point driving traffic to your site if the user experience is then poor and you don’t get the outcome you want.

5 Centre Back (Capt) – Data capture and analysis

A centre back has also got to be a leader. This is the most common position for a captain. Modern marketing is data-led. If you get your data capture, segmentation and analysis right you can adjust all your tactics to get exactly the right message to the right people.

6 Holding midfield – Email marketing

Your holding mid-fielder has got to be ultra-reliable. He might not be the most creative player in the side, but he’s one of the most important. Always needs to be in the right place at the right time. That’s email marketing. Not the most talked-about tactic these days, but get it right and it will deliver time after time. And like a holding mid-fielder has to work closely with the centre backs, your email marketing is reliant on your data capture and segmentation.

8 Central midfield – PR

Your central midfielders need to be creative. They need to read the opposition, look for its weaknesses, then deliver that killer assist to the front men. That’s PR. Identifying influencers for your brand then persuading them to mention your brand and, ideally link to it, is now the Holy Grail of PR – both for brand awareness and SEO. But that’s not easy and will only be achieved with creativity and persistence.

10 Central midfield – Content Marketing

The 10 is the most creative player on the pitch. The individual who can create that piece of magic that can transform a game. He might score himself or deliver that beautiful assist on a plate to the strikers. That’s Content Marketing. If you create great content, then everything else becomes easier. Social Media engagement goes up and search rankings follow. Influencers will write about it and link to it. GOOOAAAAL!

7 and 11 Wide players – Paid-For Social

The role of the wide player is primarily to create opportunities for the strikers. They need to constantly deliver quality balls into the box for the strikers to score from. That’s what Paid-For does. Your targeting options are endless and, done right, delivers exactly the right proposition at the right time, to the right person. Right there on a plate in the newsfeed.

9 Striker – Organic Search Engine Optimisation

A striker only has one job – to score. You can talk about effort, luck, skill as much as you want, but if the ball doesn’t go in the back of the net the job isn’t done. That’s SEO. Search is enormously important and you’re either on the first page of Google or you’re not. For many terms that’s not easy. Which is why strikers are the highest paid players in the game.

Head Coach – Monitoring & Evaluation

A coach needs to know exactly how the team is performing, analyse the strengths and weaknesses and constantly make recommendations for improvement. That might be new tactics, new training programmes or changes in players. That’s what you get from your monitoring and evaluation process. Real-time information has never been more available. But organizing it into the information you really need, then analyzing and acting upon it quickly is where the skill comes in. Just like a world-class coach.

Manager – Digital Strategy

The manager needs to set the team’s objectives for the season (in conjunction with the owner), the style of play and assemble the personnel to achieve those things. He then needs to select his team every week. There’s a big difference in aiming for the Champions League and avoiding relegation. That’s what your digital strategy does. You need to start off with a realistic and achievable objective (which is where many football managers come unstuck with their owners!). You then need to construct a plan around that. It might be dull, but your budget comes first (Something many football clubs have failed at!) then you can choose the tactics available to you. The magic is in coming up with something very special without spending a fortune. Eric Cantona anyone?

So, that was a bit of fun. I’d love to hear your feedback. What would your team look like? And my American chums – what would your Digital Marketing NFL team be?