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BEST DYNASTY MODE TEAMS in Mutant Football League Dynasty Edition


I thought I’d do a video on the best Dynasty mode teams to start out with in Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition. My decisions were based on dirty tricks and playbook. Need help winning games in your first season? Then try out some of these teams and MFL strategies.

West Ham vs Tottenham 1-3 | Highlights & Goals | Carabao Cup | 31/10/2018

West Ham United vs Tottenham Hotspur
Competition: Carabao Cup
Date: 2018-10-31
Referee: S. Attwell

Napoli v Liverpool | Champions League Tactics


Napoli will not be easy opposition for Liverpool, especially at home. And Ancelotti has a reputation for getting the best from his players by adapting to their strengths. But Liverpool are flying and Napoli are vulnerable in areas that Jurgen Klopp’s team are well equipped to exploit.

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The Original OJ Simpson Inspirational Story

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We have all heard of the trial of OJ Simpson, but not many people know about the original inspirational story of OJ Simpson, the greatest running back in National Football League during his time.

This inspirational story began when Orenthal James Simpson was on 9 July 1947 in San Francisco to Eunice and Jimmy Simpson. OJ was raised in poverty and his early days were spent in a Ghetto when food was always in short supply. As a result, OJ suffered from malnutrition and developed rickets. At the age of six, OJ’s legs became permanently bowed and his calf muscles suffered from severely atrophy. He acquired the nickname of ‘Pencil Legs” at an early age.

Growing up, OJ found his inspirational story in American Football through the All American running back Jim Brown from the Cleveland Browns. Brown was the best running back in the NFL at that time. But OJ was too poor to afford the tickets to see his idol in action whenever Cleveland visited San Francisco. That never stopped his dream and goal of becoming a star player in the future.

During those games when Cleveland played in San Francisco, OJ would diligently wait outside the stadium until the maintenance crew to open the stadium gates late in the 4th quarter. He would then go into the stadium and soak in the final few minutes of the game, dreaming for seeing his idol and also his own goals and inspirational story to become a professional football player.

On one of these occasions at the age of thirteen, he finally got his dream of meeting up with his idol, Jim Brown. As the inspirational story went, he approached Brown and said, “Mr. Brown, I am your biggest football fan!” Graciously, Brown thank thanked the young boy and went on his way. But OJ persisted by asking for Brown’s autograph. As Brown signed the autograph, OJ related to him how he had all his pictures on his wall, and that he knew all the football records that Brown held. Brown was flattered and thanked his young charge again. Before leaving, OJ surprised Brown by saying, “Mr. Brown, one day, I am going to break every one of your records!”

O.J. Simpson went on to break all but three of the rushing records held by Jim Brown before injuries shortened his football career and inspirational story.  Goal setting is the strongest force for human motivation.  Set a goal and make it come true.



Smithy speaks to West Ham captain Mark Noble about his West Ham teammates’ FIFA 18 stats. Who’s the strongest? Who is the fastest? And who is the most aggressive player in the squad?


Soccer Age Groups

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Different age groups in soccer require different training methods to optimize their physical development and to prevent costly mistakes.

The wrong training at the wrong times can be potentially harmful and actually damaging to the soccer players’ health and career.

Whereas the right training at the right time will lay a good, solid foundation and ensure maximal performance whilst protecting against unnecessary injury.

Youth-development is a big factor in both the soccer clubs’ as well as the individual players’ future.

Window of opportunity

the window of opportunity, once missed, is difficult to make up for…

If taken full advantage of, it will allow the player to develop to his full potential.Let me give the stage on this to legendary master coach, al vermeil:

Taking advantage of the “window of opportunity” to develop junior athletes:

“Establishing a great training base as the body matures is like a savings account, the sooner you start, the greater the interest or return over a life time.Even if they take a break, it’s still there for them to build on when they resume training.”

• the window of opportunity is the time when the most significant changes in physical and skill development can be made.

• the optimal period is 7-17 for developing skill, strength and power!!

• the body and nervous system are very malleable, just like putty, and can be molded easier than in a mature athlete.

• during this crucial time of accelerated rate of development and lesser influence of genetics, it’s paramount that the correct training stimulus be applied.

• all these factors make this age group extremely adaptable to the training stimulus.

• if this window is missed or not properly managed it can limit their optimum performance and long term results.

• for those who utilize this window, they will be able to access it throughout their lifes as opposed to those who missed this opportunity.

• this only occurs once in a life, ages 7-17.

Al vermeil.

At varying ages, the kids/teenagers/adults/middle-aged players will require adequate training methods.

During the different stages in the young players’ life, different physiological systems are developed and should consequently be emphasized at that time.

Once this window is closed, other things need focusing on, not to waste time trying to develop something that simply will not further develop via these methods…

For example agility-training after 12-14 years of age.

We use the appropriate methods at the appropriate times for max results.

Age groups:

• 6-8: general development, multiple sports: climbing, balancing, throwing, jumping, games

• 8-10: speed development, focus on sprints and agility-drills, fun-training

• 10-12: nervous system development concludes: quickness, agility, speed, power

• 12-14: puberty, no plyometrics! Start adding external resistance. Specialization-age, position-specific training

• 14-16: same as 12-14, resistance and intensity are increased

• 16-21: full lifting, speed and plyometric work

• 21-35: maintenance of top-performance levels, focus on prehab

• 35-40: prehab/rehab, start using lower intensities in the resistance training, slow down on speed, power and strength work, focus more on hypertrophy

A note on specialization:

Too early a specialization can limit development for the following reasons:

1: overuse injuries

2: limits development of motor skills

3: creates undue pressure and expectation

4: the sport they excelled at between 7-15 may change due to the maturation process

5: denies a normal childhood experience

6: burn out

Note: more in-depth detail on specialized training for the different age groups following soon…

Coaching Youth Football – Offensive Line Drill

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When planning who my blockers are I utilize this pop warner football drill. I should say, I have my offensive line coaches perform this test. It is a classic test participants block against the instructor was clutches a blocking pad. Every child starts out in a three point stance straight in front of the manager. The coach exhales into the whistle, or shouts a cadence and the participant strikes the pad with as much force as he can and thrust blocks the coach. The instructor will maintain his position while letting the player push him easily. The coach yells out a number giving that player a ranking. We use a range of 1 (weak) to 10 (strong). The children then go to the end of the line and wait until it is their turn again.

You will detect rapidly that a competition will commence among the lids as they start questioning to each other “What was your score from coach?” All of a sudden there is a competition where each kid is trying to out perform one another.

Similar to the Iron man drill, you recognize which players continue to work harder to improve their ranking while other kids lay back and quit trying since they do not like to compete against other kids. The head coach must keep up a good morale for all players on the team. You must pay attention to the weaker kids by giving then just one duty. All coaches should assist these players in helping them specialize at it. Give them time, and as the season progresses, these kids will get good at their skills.

You are a manger, instructor and teacher of youth football, not High School, college or the Pros. Your task is to make certain all kids, particularly the delicate kids do not get an attitude and decide not to play. Please maintain clear-cut notes making sure the delicate kids attitude is positive.

Every athlete is required to start this drill with a proper three point stance.

Another usual inquiry is if the pee wee football players should be taught to block using their hands or using the shoulder pads. Every player should be exposed to each fashion since separate situations may need different types of blocking. The individual participant may find one style easier than the other.

It is common that the same players are your best blockers, runners and passers. All players, regardless of the position the play, will need to thro a block at some point. Also, depending on the offense you set up the running backs and split ends will be required to perform significant blocks.

Why Letting the Other Team Score Can Help You Win a Game in Youth Football

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Letting the Other Team Score – Not Just for NFL Coaches

Yes, you heard that correctly, letting the other team score on purpose to try and win a game. It not only happens in the Super Bowl, it happens when you are coaching youth football too. If you watched the Super Bowl this year between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants, you saw a situation where letting the other team score on purpose, made complete sense, we aren’t talking about some kind of “mercy” score, we are talking about letting someone score to win the game. New York had the ball with a first down and goal from the 8 yard line and with just 59 seconds left in the game and the score 17-15 in favor of the Patriots. The game wasn’t in doubt, the Pats had just one timeout. So all’s the Giants needed to do was to run 3 plays, run the clock down to 1 second, call timeout, kick the field goal on the last play of the game and go home with the Lombardi Trophy. The Giants field-goal kicker had been perfect for the season on extra point kicks and field goals inside the 30.

But if you watched the game, that isn’t how it played out, Patriots coach Bill Belichick had other ideas. He told his defense to let the Giants score on purpose, so his offense could get the ball back with about 56 seconds left to play and with a timeout in their back pocket. Belichick isn’t someone that likes to put the destiny of a game into the hands of his opponent. While the Pats would have to score a touchdown to win the game, with Tom Brady at Quarterback, Welker at receiver and one of the top offenses in the NFL, they certainly have a very real chance to score a touchdown and win the game. It was a brilliant move that gave the Pats a punchers chance to pull out the game, instead of helplessly letting the game unfold to a last second field goal for the Giants. Even with 3 dropped passes and a sack on that Patriots final drive, the game came down to a final play, that just missed connecting in the end zone, what a finish. The Giants would have been better off just taking a knee 3 times and kicking the field goal on the last play of the game. That would have been much safer than giving Tom Brady 56 seconds and timeout to score a touchdown and win the game.

How does this apply to youth football?

I’ve seen a very similar circumstance with a friends team in Florida. They were losing 21-20 with just over 1 minute to play. The opposing team had the ball on my friends 10 yard line and they had a first down. My friends team had 1 timeout left. The opponent had a very strong team, but they weren’t very good at PAT kicks, which were worth 2 points. In fact, they were so bad at kicking, they didn’t even bother attempting a kick the entire game. My friends team had been hitting almost 60% of their kicks and were pretty confident in their kicker.

So these were his options:

Try for a strip and hope to cover it and go 90 yards with the ball. Or go for the strip and hope to cover 90 yards in less than 1 minute on offense.

Try and hold the other team out of the endzone on 4 attempts, with the slight possibility of getting the ball back inside their own 10 with just a few seconds left. My friends offense would have to cover about 95 yards in less than 10 seconds- 1 play more or less.

Let the other team score on purpose. Expect that they will go for the 1 point PAT, get it and be up by 28-20. Receive the kickoff and get field position on their own 40 or better. Now only needing to go 60 yards in the final 60 seconds, score a touchdown and make the PAT kick to tie the game up and send it into overtime.

Well as you may have guessed, my friend let the other team score on first down. As he expected, they ran the ball in for the 1 point PAT to take a 28-20 lead. Fearing a long kick return the opponent kicked short and my friends team got the ball to start off at their own 45 yard line. They went on to score a touchdown to make it 28-26 with just 6 seconds left to play. They then made the PAT kick to bring the score to 28-28 and taking the game into overtime. Momentum was on my friends side as the opponent fumbled the ball on the first play of overtime and my friends team went on to score on their second offensive snap.

Thinking outside the box isn’t just for the NFL guys. When coaching youth football, especially with some of the special rules many of us have, it makes sense as well. Keep this scenario in the back of your mind, you never know when you might need it.

10 Tips to Get Your Girlfriend to Watch Football

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I didn’t always love football. No, that’s not true. I’ve always loved the energy that surrounds football and football season, but I didn’t always have love for the actual game. The reason? I didn’t understand it, and no one was patient enough to teach me. Finally, I met my husband, and he did it right. I’m now dragging him out of the house to watch football. Let’s get your girl to the Red Zone with these 10 tips to get your girlfriend to watch football.

1) Let her know you actually want her to watch it with you. This is the most basic, but most important tip.

2) Be patient with her. If she repeatedly asks you questions about certain plays, or what some specific jargon means, explain it to her. It only takes a minute (not a football game kind of minute), and she’s one step closer to understanding the game.

3) Even if it’s just for a moment, pay attention to her during the game. Okay, during commercials. Okay, during commercials if said commercials aren’t during the Super Bowl.

4) Include her when you’re giving your buds a high five, but only give it 50% of your strength. Everyone likes a high five. Some of us just prefer one without the macho whelps and blisters.

5) Get her a sexy jersey to wear for your favorite sports team. You’ll definitely want her around when she’s wearing it.

6) If she wants to wear a pink jersey, let her.

7) This is something I’ve discovered, and maybe it’s sneaky, but you guys are always twisting or squeezing something during sports. (Hopefully not you-know-what – you aren’t five years old.) Instead of gripping on to the remote for dear life, put your hand on her shoulder or her leg. She might as well get a free massage while she can, whether you know you’re doing it or not.

8) Have you heard of NFL Survivor? It’s the NFL game with the simplest concept and a ridiculous amount of cash to be won. Ready? At the beginning of the season, pick one team to win each week. You must put in your decision for the week by Thursday. You can never pick that team again. Once you’ve chosen a team that loses, you’re out. If you let her get in on this, not only will she be rooting for teams she never would’ve before, so will you.

9) If she can’t keep her eyes off Jordan Cameron or JJ Watt, don’t hold it against her. You’ve got smokin’ cheerleaders to look at, and doesn’t she deserve a little eye candy too?

10) If all else fails, and she’s really just a bummer to have around during football games, don’t force her to be there. Give her some cash and tell her to go shopping. You’ve got a game to watch.

Do you have your own sneaky ways that have worked for you? Let me know. I’d love to hear about them! Picks this Year’s College Football Bowl Games

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Here are the consensus bowl picks from the staff.

Tue., Dec. 14

New Orleans Bowl

North Texas vs Southern Mississippi

SG’s Pick: North Texas

If the So. Miss defense can stop Jamario Thomas from adding to his gaudy stats they should be able to keep this one close.

7:30 pm

Tue., Dec. 21

Champs Sports Bowl

Georgia Tech vs Syracuse

SG’s Pick: Georgia Tech

7:45 pm

Wed., Dec. 22


Memphis vs Bowling Green

SG’s Pick: Bowling Green

I want to pick Memphis to win this battle, but the Falcon’s scoring offense, 4th in the nation, will simply outscore Memphis regardless of how well they play.

8:00 pm

Thur., Dec. 23

PlainsCapital Fort Worth Bowl

Cincinnati vs Marshall

SG’s Pick: Marshall

Marshall has shown up to play in big games this year. I consider a bowl game a “big” game, wouldn’t you?

6:30 pm

Las Vegas Bowl

Wyoming vs UCLA

SG’s Pick: UCLA

UCLA should burn Wyoming with it’s passing and running game. Although, Wyoming is playing in it’s first bowl game in 11 years…that’s certainly motivating.

9:45 pm

Fri., Dec. 24

Hawaii Bowl

UAB vs Hawaii

SG’s Pick: Hawaii

NCAA’s all time passing leader should have a hay-day against this no show UAB defense

7:00 pm

Mon., Dec. 27

MPC Computers Bowl

Fresno State vs 18 Virginia

SG’s Pick: Virginia

Fresno State failed to play with the big dogs this season and Virginia is on the horizon to become one.

2:00 pm

Motor City Bowl

Toledo vs Connecticut

SG’s Pick: Toledo

Connecticut has a football team? Well, that’s what we would have said last season but they have a QB that can rip the secondary. You probably haven’t heard of him but the NFL scouts know him very well. Connecticut has a chance if they grasp the mindset they had when meeting Pittsburgh earlier in the year.

5:30 pm

Tue., Dec. 28

Independence Bowl

Iowa State vs Miami (Ohio)

SG’s Pick: Iowa State

Iowa State’s explosive offense will give Miami all they want…plus some.

6:30 pm

Insight Bowl

Oregon State vs Notre Dame

SG’s Pick: Notre Dame

Notre Dame is going to fight its heart out in defense of Tyrone Willingham. Oh, did we mention they’re a pretty good football team anyway?

9:45 pm

Wed., Dec. 29

Houston Bowl

Texas-El Paso vs Colorado

SG’s Pick: Texas-El Paso

Jordan Carson (name sound familiar?) will finally have his chance to showcase his talent on national television. Colorado is still wondering what happened in the Big 12 championship…

4:30 pm

Alamo Bowl

24 Ohio State vs Oklahoma State

SG’s Pick: Ohio State

Oklahoma State is no stranger to big games. Unfortunately, they haven’t learned how to win them.

8:00 pm

Thur., Dec. 30

Continental Tire Bowl

25 Boston College vs North Carolina

SG’s Pick: Boston College

North Carolina has a lack of “big game” experience while Boston College has the “secret to success” for winning bowl games, they’ve won 4 straight.

1:00 pm

Emerald Bowl

New Mexico vs Navy

SG’s Pick: Navy

Did we say Navy? That’s right! These guys finally learned how to play football.

4:30 pm

Holiday Bowl

4 California vs 23 Texas Tech

SG’s Pick: California

Cal will punish Texas Tech for being pushed out of the BCS picture.

8:00 pm

Silicon Valley Bowl

Troy vs Northern Illinois

SG’s Pick: Northern Illinois

Troy has never been to a bowl game and they’re not ready to win one either. N. Illinois has a ground attack that will out-muscle this Troy defense.

11:00 pm

Fri., Dec. 31

Music City Bowl

Alabama vs Minnesota

SG’s Pick: Alabama

This isn’t because we like the SEC. Minnesota isn’t playing at home…

12:00 pm

Sun Bowl

Purdue vs 21 Arizona State

SG’s Pick: Purdue

Arizona State is coming with their 2nd string QB that Purdue’s young, yet darn good, defense should contain. Expect Purdue to light up the score board in this one!

2:00 pm

Liberty Bowl

10 Boise State vs 7 Louisville

SG’s Pick: Louisville

This may be bowl game of the year. If you like fast attack offenses and aggressive scoring, this game is for you! Vegas will be exploding with “total points” bets on this one.

3:30 pm

14 Miami (FLA.) vs 20 Florida

Peach Bowl

SG’s Pick: Florida

If Chris Leak (Gators) isn’t the best QB in the land he will be. When the Gators are operating on all cylinders I would pick them to beat anyone in the country. Keep an eye on this one because it should be a money maker!

7:30 pm

Sat., Jan. 1

Cotton Bowl

15 Tennessee vs 22 Texas A&M

SG’s Pick: Tennessee

The Vols simply ran out of time in the SEC championship. I suspect they will pick up where they left off. Neither team “should” be here so it will definitely be one of the better games to watch.

11:00 am

Outback Bowl

16 Wisconsin va 8 Georgia

SG’s Pick: Georgia

Wisconsin can play offense buy GA’s fast defense will stop the run and force Wisconsin to throw resulting in too many mistakes to overcome. Georgia wins.

11:00 am

Gator Bowl

17 Florida State va West Virginia

SG’s Pick: Florida State

Florida State has put the lost to Florida behind them. Bowden’s ability to dominate bowl games has a “W” written all over it.

12:30 pm

Capital One Bowl

11 Iowa vs 12 LSU

SG’s Pick: LSU (restrictions apply…)

LSU is young but managed to fight their way to a good bowl game this year. If LSU’s defense can keep the score close they can pull this one off.

1:00 pm

Rose Bowl

13 Michigan vs 6 Texas

SG’s Pick: Texas

If Mack can persuade his players they’re as good as he did the nations coaches Texas will overcome a solid Michigan team.

4:30 pm

Fiesta Bowl

5 Utah vs 19 Pittsburgh

SG’s Pick: Utah

Pittsburgh slipped through the back door to win the Big East but I’m afraid Utah will show Pitt what it’s like to play with the Big Boys.

8:30 pm

Mon., Jan. 3

Sugar Bowl

3 Auburn vs 9 Virginia Tech

SG’s Pick: Auburn

Auburn should be playing for the national title. Look for Auburn to win big for the slight possibility of sharing the title.

8:00 pm

Tue., Jan. 4

Orange Bowl

1 Southern California vs 2 Oklahoma

SG’s Pick: Oklahoma

This one should come down to the last quarter. Oklahoma should prevail with stamina.

8:00 pm