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Tottenham v. Liverpool I EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS 9/15/18 I Premier League I NBC Sports


Watch the extended highlights of Tottenham v. Liverpool during matchweek five of the 2018-2019 Premier League season. #Tottenham #Liverpool #PremierLeague

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Κισσαμικός-Εργοτέλης 1-2 Football League | Highlights

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Mutant Football League to Esports Labs

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New Tournament coming to Esports Labs!

The Helloween Mayhem Bowl features Football Mutant League for EU and US on the Switch, PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Have a chance to win some cash and an invite to the Hardcore Season League.

More details to come!

Best Football Skills 2018/19 #5


Best Football Skills 2018/19 #5
The video include Football Skills, Tricks, Dribbling & Goals , from Cristiano Ronaldo , Neymar Jr , Lionel Messi , Antoine Griezmann , sadio manè , marcelo vieira , Memphis Depay , Philippe Coutinho , kylian mbappé and more…
Special thanks to:
•Viva Skills, Efa Skills, Flixer Skills , Abel Gustavo Sandoval , CarzyFootballSkills


♫ SONG1:Bazanji – Life I Chose (Prod. Syndrome)
♫ SONG2:Calvin Harris – Summer (Mike Stud Remix)
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Snoop Youth Football League’s 2015-2016 DV Pomona Steelers Pee Wee Banquet


Snoop Youth Football League’s 2015-2016 DV Pomona Steelers Pee Wee Banquet in Big Bear, Ca 2-27-16. Special Thanks to Sony Playstation for their support.

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Lean Body Weight And Sports Performance

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Any sportsman knows that no matter the actual sport being played, the shape of the athlete determines whether the team wins or losses. This is why for an athlete, being in tip top shape is of primary importance. Many athletes know that lean body weight is ideal for optimum performance regardless of the game being played. In many cases, athletes discover that after a period of time without proper exercise their body weight begins to increase. In order to maintain a lean body weight, an athlete must undertake a number of steps which we will examine next.

Exercise daily

In order to maintain peak sports performance, an athlete must exercise daily. This need not be rigorous exercises but can be simply jogging or working the bench press for 15 minutes. This ensures that the muscles are kept toned and the fat is kept at bay

Watch the diet

An athlete who desires to keep his body weight lean must not succumb to his bestial appetites as far as natural cravings for food. He or she must carefully watch what they eat to ensure that the diet is balanced and has the right mix of fiber, protein and carbohydrates.

Keep a positive world outlook

Research has shown that emotional states such as depression can result in weight gain and a loss of leanness. This is because depression causes people to overeat and to throw caution to the wind as far as diet. They also lose focus of balancing the diet. A healthy emotional support system such as a family can also help in keeping the athlete focused

Adequate sleep

A lean body cannot be maintained without proper sleeping habits. An athlete must ensure that he or she is getting at least 6-9 hours of sleep a day. Studies have shown there is a correlation between weight gain and sleep patterns. People who sleep less tend to gain weight while people who sleep more tend to be leaner.

Some sports do not require a lean body. These include sumo wrestling, rugby and American football. In these sports, athletes can get away with possessing a higher than average body mass and some athletes are reported to weigh more than 300 pounds. Others such as heavy weight wrestling and boxing also require the athletes to have a high BMI but this is because of the nature of the sport. All in all, a lean body has a lot to do with performance when it comes to sports such as tennis, soccer, track and field, aerobics and swimming.

The Rules of Rugby

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The game of Rugby, has had its rules changed and evolved so many times through out the years that it now is very different from what it started out as but if you do decide to come out and ever watch a game of Rugby you will be wondering what the hell is going on…so here are the basics of Rugby.

Rugby is a game played in 2, 40 minute halves, with a 10 minute halftime break. Each team has 15 players and is allowed 7 substitutes. The positions are as follows:

* 2 Props

* Hooker

* 2 Lockers

* 2 Flankers

* 8th Man

* Scrum-half

* Fly-half

* 2 Side Wings

* 2 Centers

* Fullback

The field that rugby is played on is called the Pitch. It is a grassy field 70 meters wide by 100 meters long and separated equally into two equal halves by a white line.

Scoring is done in one of 5 ways.

* Try

When a player touches the ball to the ground in the opponents in-goal area his team is awarded 5 points.

* Penalty Try

A player can attempt a penalty when a player would have scored a Try but was stopped by an opponents penalty. This is worth 5 points.

* Conversion Goal

Conversion goal is attempted after a team scores a Try, a conversion goal is worth 2 points.

* Penalty

Whenever a penalty is called the team who the penalty was called on gets to try for a penalty kick. If the kick is made that team gets 3 points.

* Dropped Goal

A dropped goal is when a players runs the ball back after a drop kick during the games general play.

General Game Play

Just like in American Football rugby starts off with kick off which is referred to as a drop kick.

Unlike American football however, their are no downs, no 10 yards to get, the game is continuous. The play does not stop when the ball hits the ground it is fair game. passing is allowed but it must either be done laterally or backwards, forward passing is not allowed. However any player may kick the ball at any time, and once the ball has been kicked it is up for grabs from either side. players often use this method to get the ball down field to team mates. Players may also run the ball until 1 of 2 things happen either they are tackled or they step out of bounds.

When a player steps out of bounds it is brought back into play by a method called “line out”, both teams line up 1 meter from each other in parallel lines and a player from the side that didn’t put the ball out of play throws it in a straight line between the two teams.

When a player is tackled the other method of bringing the ball back into play is called “scrum”, this is done by each team forming a tunnel and the ball is placed in between them, each side must battle for the ball against the other teams line until a player is able to push the ball backwards with his feet to his teammates behind him in the “tunnel”. If you’ve been thinking this sounds a lot like American football, well it is, it was the forerunner to the American Football’s “line of scrimmage”.

And thats it, the basics of rugby, so go out there and play!!

An Overview of Professional Sports Pitch Construction

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A well constructed sports pitch and a quality surface will enhance the standard of the game being played and the players’ performance. Non league through to professional clubs and their ground staff aim to provide the best sporting experience within their budgetary constraints.

Professional advice can ensure you get the best pitch within your budget and will help avoid future performance issues, which can include poor surface drainage, sunken areas, excess compaction, and poor root growth.

A sports ground contractor can offer different construction and maintenance options. These should cater to your clubs requirements while delivering you a project to the highest standards and with minimal disruption to the club.

When choosing your sports turf contractor look for accreditations or associations they have from professional bodies which relate to pitch specifications, standards of work and materials used. These may be from the IOG or LDCA as examples.

Sporting bodies also offer advice and specifications for pitch construction for each sport. These can be found on the SAPCA website.

The site works for the following sports would typically involve the following:

Football & Rugby Pitch Construction

  • Site set up.
  • Strip the existing surface using a GKB Combinator or Koro Field Top Maker.
  • Football or Rugby pitch drainage solution to include main drain and laterals, backfilled with drainage gravel and sand.
  • Spread and laser grade sports sand / rootzone.
  • Final ground preparation using a Blec Rotor Rake.
  • Apply a pre turf or seed fertiliser.
  • Surface installation with football turf or sports seed.

Bowling Green Construction

  • Site set up.
  • Excavation of the base.
  • A bowling green drainage solution using a main and laterals backfilled with washed drainage gravel.
  • Laser grade a gravel over the entire crown green bowls surface.
  • Install concrete channels around the edge of the playing surface.
  • Laser grade rootzone across the surface.
  • Apply a pre turf or seed fertiliser.
  • Surface installation with Bowling Green turf.

Cricket Wicket Construction

  • Site set up.
  • Strip the existing surface using a GKB Combinator.
  • Install cricket wicket primary drainage solution using a main drain and laterals back filled with washed drainage gravel and drainage sand.
  • Spread a gravel carpet to create a drainage layer.
  • Spread and laser grade topsoil.
  • Spread and laser grade heavy loam topsoil.
  • Spread and laser grade topsoil.
  • Final ground preparation by hand raking.
  • Apply a ryegrass Cricket sports seed.