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Southampton v. Newcastle I PREMIER LEAGUE MATCH HIGHLIGHTS I 10/27/18 I NBC Sports


Neither Southampton nor Newcastle could find a goal as the teams settled for a scoreless draw. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Southampton #Newcastle

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The Premier League is BACK!


The Premier League is back! Chariots of Fire parody featuring Arsene Wenger Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Alexandre Lacazette, Per Mertesacker and Petr Cech from Arsenal, Kun Aguero and Pep Guardiola from Manchester City, Adam Lallana, Roberto Firmino, James Milner, Sadio Mane, Jordan Henderson and Jurgen Klopp from Liverpool FC, Antonio Conte and Eden Hazard from Chelsea FC, Harry Kane and Mauricio Pochettino from Tottenham, Romelu Lukaku, Paul Pogba, Marouane Fellaini, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones and Jose Mourino from Manchester United.

Why didn’t Mahrez just do this? (🎥 Russian National Student Football League, Twitter/fcrk)

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Why didn’t Mahrez just do this? ( Russian National Student Football League, Twitter/fcrk)

Dingle Goals v Ardfert [Senior Football League 2012 Div 1]

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An Daingean v Árd Fhearta

2017 Adapted Football League All-Star Game

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The Adapted Football League All-Star Game and Awards Banquet was hosted at the Browns’ training facility.

Three Reasons Athletes Should Use Sandbag Training

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Sure, this may seem like the perfect opportunity to write a fancy little infomercial. I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to believe a word I’m about to say. However, after five years of working with elite coaches around the world in a variety of very different sports, I hope you can keep an open mind. I know-it’s easy in this internet age to be leery of anything that talks specifically about an implement. Yet, if I’ve learned one thing working with all these awesome coaches, it’s that the successful ones are those who can maintain an open mind while being critical of new ideas. Heck, if coaches like Steven Morris use some of these concepts in training elite football players, there just might be something to it! What is it? Sandbags. Yes, sandbag training. Nothing new for many coaches but always used as a tool when “better” training implements weren’t available. Others used it to be “hardcore,” but training hard doesn’t guarantee results. Just as with any other training method or implement, there should be very specific ways and reasons to use sandbags. There aren’t any groups that could benefit more from the use of sandbag training than athletes.

Reason 1: Remove the excuses. There might not be anything more entertaining than the endless debates over whether or not Olympic lifts are valuable. Most coaches don’t argue the validity of their effectiveness. The major sticking point tends to be the ability to teach and acquire the skills to do them well. The major benefit to Olympic lifting is the triple extension it teaches, which is the same power production pattern used in most powerful sporting activities. One can’t deny this to be important, but the flexibility and skills required in Olympic weightlifting often makes it a bastardized form of training. Sandbag training come into play as a very simple implement that can be used to learn the same triple extension without the problem of flexibility or high skill requirements. Even better, sandbag training is quite different from a barbell.

On the bar, the weight is evenly loaded. With sandbag training, the weight is all at the bottom. That means the lifter spends more time trying to accelerate the weight because the sandbag drops away from the lifter as he tries to perform the movement. More time accelerating and more power production!

Reason 2: Get out of the “safe” zone. Funny how so many coaches argue over the small things but often miss the bigger picture problems in their training. Ask any strength coach if his training is “athletic” and undoubtedly he will give a strong, “Hell yeah!” Is it really though? Seeing so many different programs from mixed martial arts to American football to hockey, it’s often disappointing how unathletic these programs appear. The majority of the lifts take place in strong and stable positions (i.e. squat, deadlift, even pressing), but sport is dynamic and unpredictable, and if anything, not perfect! I never wanted to give too much credence to the idea of doing many of the “strength” movements in other positions because it appeared to be more of a circus trick than anything. It may have been I just wasn’t comfortable trying to do such things with the tools I had available. After an injury forced me to think outside of my comfort zone, I was shocked at how weak I was when I wasn’t in my strong base of support. Sandbag training came into play because they are the perfect implement to try to perform these different positional strength lifts. Barbells can be awkward and dangerous, and dumbbells and kettlebells don’t move as well. The sandbag allows us to pull, press, and squat and do a host of other standard movements in a variety of stances, loading positions, and angles. This is what most coaches call “filling in the holes” of their training programs-moving in positions and postures that are common in sport but that we neglect in the weight room.

Reason 3: You can get scary strong. It seems odd object lifting has really become the new buzz type of training. As most of us know, there isn’t anything new. What has attracted so many serious athletes to this form of training is the history of great strength that has been known to be achieved with odd objects. We all know the stories of “farm boy strength,” or have heard of those who worked manual labor jobs for years and possess strength that would make most gym goers envious.

Even great legendary Strongmen such as Arthur Saxon used these ideas as well. Listen to what Strongman, Bud Jeffries, had to say about Saxon and his training with odd objects: “But it is not the barbell alone that made him strong. He talks often about wrestling as part of his training and in fact wrestled much of the time professionally along with being a Strongman in his career. He also did lots of heavy, odd object lifting including challenge sandbags as part of his Strongman act.” Other more current strength legends such as Brooks Kubik also believed in the power of sandbag training and odd objects: “Sandbags are the very best training tool for combat athletes.” Pretty simple and direct but hard to argue. What is it that makes sandbag training help even the best lifters get strong? First, the obvious weight shift of the sandbag completely alters the lifter’s comfort and ability to get grooved into an exercise. Everyone notices quickly that they’re hitting muscles that just feel foreign to them. A heavily underrated aspect of sandbag training is the nine different holding positions that allow us to load the body in ways that previously weren’t very possible. In most of these positions, we aren’t just letting the weight sit on our body, but we have to resist altering posture and use often our upper and lower body at the same time. There simply isn’t any rest!

Don’t believe me? Go for a heavy sandbag carry. Put it on your shoulder, hold it bear hug style, and hold it in a Zercher position. Here is the trick though-don’t alter you body posture. Try to keep yourself from tilting, twisting, and getting into altered body positions. You will see how your deep muscles just scream for mercy. It should be the goal of every coach and athlete to spend time training versus learning how to train. With more and more time limited by skill camps, sport coaches, club teams, and other programs, we as coaches can’t have the luxury of wasting time on methods or ideas that sound good in theory but simply aren’t practical to the real world of training athletes!

Parenting Lessons From the Movie Blind Side

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The movie Blind Side is inspirational and amazing. Sandra Bullock portrays Leah Anne the matriarch of the affluent Memphis family who adopted Michael Oher an offensive tackle for the American football team the Baltimore Ravens. Michael was held back two years in elementary school and had a spotty educational record with a 0.6 GPA in high school. Michael was born to a family of 12 children and spent most of his life a ward of the state of Tennessee.

His biological mother described Michael as a runner, that when in foster care that when he was placed with families he would runaway trying to find his way back to his mother. In the movie Blind Side Michael is taken in by Leah Anne and her family. They provide him with love, nurturing and the opportunity to be successful. And he was successful. He was able through the help of a tutor to bring up his GPA from 0.6 to 2.56 and with continue support through tutoring he received a college degree before becoming a professional football player. While the movie hinted at the importance of religion was to Leigh Anne the extent of the importance of her faith was not entirely evident.

Leigh Anne and her husband started a church in Memphis. This fact not mention in the movie, but is hinted of the importance of faith for Leigh Anne leads me to believe that Michael was exposed to a religious community and was involved in attending church and church activities with the family. I mention this because I want to emphasize the importance of involvement for families for their children’s development. Religious organizations provide enormous benefits to family for involvement, support, and growth. Studies reporting on substance use of tobacco, alcohol, and drugs have shown that children that have attended religious services were less likely to have experiment with substances. The studies have also shown that the more services attended by the child the lower the possibility of experimentation with substances. In addition to religion being a positive in reducing drug use, religious organization provided opportunities for children to develop social skills to improve peer relationships. They also provide a sense of belonging for the child and the family. Religious communities also provide opportunities to understand, celebrate, and grieve life events.

In one scene of the movie Michael and PJ were at the football field getting ready to work out. Michael wanted to go home and play video games. PJ informed Michael that it was expected that Michael not only play football, but that he strive for excellence. That everyone in the family has played sports or participated in an activity, the father played basketball, the sister ran track and played volleyball, the mother had been a cheerleader, and that he (PJ) played all sports. While every child may not grow up to be a Michael Oher sports and other social activities are fundamental to child development. I think that another lesson to be learned from the Blind Side is the fact that the family did not just encourage Michael to play sports, they supported him. The family supported him during practice and was at the games to support him.

Children need to have their efforts recognized and validated, not just the Michael Oher’s of the world, but the children who spend the game on the side lines, need to know that their family care enough to show up. There are other social activities that are beneficial to children include, boy scouts, girl scouts, and explorer scouts to name a few. What is important is that you involve your child in activities using community social groups; community sports organizations, or sports and social groups through the child’s school. The more involved you are as a parent the better, it sends a message to the child that you support the child and that they are important.

The movie Blind Side teaches us the lesson to be involved in the child’s school is important. There are several scenes where Leigh Anne is talking to school staff and teachers about Michael. This is what we call the home school link. Research has found that the greater the home school link the better the child’s performance in school. This includes school attendance. There are schools that have programs that allow the parents to come to school and have lunch with their child if your child’s school has a program take advantage and have lunch with your child. Don’t wait until your child brings home their report card to find out how your child is doing, call or go by and talk to her teacher. Leigh Anne did just that in one scene, she talked to Michaels English teacher and she asked him what Michael had to do to be able to pass his class and the teacher told her what Michael needed to do. Michael did exactly what the teacher told Leigh Anne that he needed to do, and he passed the class.

In the movie Blind Side Michael had a private tutor to help him with his school work not only in high school, but also through college. While we all cannot afford to hire private tutors for our children, we can sit down and help our children with their homework. If we find that we cannot help our children with their homework, we can ask for help at the school. There are schools that have peer tutoring, some schools have after school tutoring programs, there may be a tutoring program at a local church, community college, or university that have students going to school to be teachers that can provide tutoring. There are community organizations that provide tutoring, like the Boys and Girls Club. If you have trouble finding resources or opportunities for your child most likely other parents are having the same problem. Network. Set up your own tutoring group with the help of your parents of your child’s peers. Start a learning group of 3 or 4 children and get help from the teacher to help you with study material. The parents can even split up the subjects and each one take responsibility for a subject and lead their child’s study group. Be creative.

As in all things in life, the more positive time and energy you invest in your child the greater the reward. Engage your child in social, community, and school activities, participate with your child and be supportive and available. Take an active interest in your child’s school work; find out what resources are available to help your child learn. Talk to your child’s teacher on a regular basis, not just parent teacher conferences. Help your child with her homework. Show your children that their homework and activities are important and are a priority. Do not use sports, community activities, or religious activities as a reward or consequences for behaviors. Participation in activities are growth opportunities and the more involved your child is in these activities, the less likely your child will be tempted to experiment with drugs, tobacco, and alcohol or engage in delinquent behaviors. These are the parenting lessons that are learned from the movie the Blind Side.