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Tottenham v. Man City I PREMIER LEAGUE MATCH HIGHLIGHTS I 10/30/18 I NBC Sports


Riyad Mahrez’s goal early in the first half was enough for Man City to take the three points with a 1-0 win over Tottenham. #NBCSports #PremierLeague #ManCity #Tottenham

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Host Peter Overzet has five potentially league winning pickups you can find either on the waiver wire or cheaply via trade. Also, some lady beats him with a vacuum.

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MWG — Mutant Football League — Dynasty Mode, Episode 1


Trying out the Dynasty Mode, and already continuing my losing ways in football games.

— Taken from my stream on Twitch.
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Football League: Ολα τα γκολ της 1ης αγωνιστικής {27-28.10.2018}


Best Premier League XI According To FIFA 18


What is the best XI in the Premier League right now? Well using FIFA 18 ratings, we’ve got the answer!






The Phenomenon of American Tailgating

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Tailgating is an art. It can be low key, it can be fancy and over the top. But simple or fancy we are all looking for anything to make this art run as smoothly & easily as possible. This is an homage to all those dedicated fans out there. Whether you’re a race fan, college team fan, pro team fan or you’re just looking for a nice day at the beach. We salute you! So pop the tailgate on the back of your truck and lets get cooking!

The history of tailgating goes all the way back to Ancient Rome. Food and wine were sold outside of the Colosseum for gladiator events and chariot races. There was also food & drink served at jousting tournaments in medieval Europe.

Tailgating has now become an American phenomenon tracing it’s roots back to The Battle of Bull Run in1861 where some Union supporters brought picnic baskets out to watch the first battle of the Civil War. The first college football game ever played in America was also host to tailgating with Rutgers & Princeton playing against each other while people grilled fish & wild game. When Harvard & Yale played against each other, the walk from the train to the field was so long, the people brought picnic lunches with them. Now in the 21st century, tailgating is in full swing. More than 20 million Americans tailgate every year. Some stadiums and race tracks even have a special areas just for tailgaters.

Tailgating is not just confined to the college or pro football stadium parking lot. It can be a day at the beach or an afternoon in the park. Baseball fans, horse racing fans & concert goers are all potential tailgaters. The Kentucky Derby has turned into a major tailgating venue with pomp & circumstance, seer sucker suits & big hats. And then, there were The Parrotheads. Jimmy Buffet fans have more generators to power blenders than any other tailgaters I know. And lest we not forget The Grateful Dead fans that not only went to one concert, but followed The Dead around the country for a whole tour. I bet there were some very interesting food choices along the road when it came to months of traveling.

That being said, tailgating is obviously not confined to just a single event or day. Some sports fans just come to watch the game and sometimes leave early to beat the traffic if the score is not going their way. Race fans are devotees. They come and stay for days, sometimes even weeks during Speed Week. That’s a lot of food to plan for and race fans are serious about their food. This is not just NASCAR fans either. There are lots of drag racing & road course fans out there. Many of these venues are weekend long events. Some people show up on Thursday & don’t leave until Monday morning after breakfast, which is sometimes the last great tailgate. All of the leftovers and the last of the eggs and bacon come out and are still made into a culinary masterpiece.

The perfect piece of equipment, your latest perfected recipe, the coolest new game can set you apart from the rest of the lot. So many set ups and different things to cook. For some people the food is as important as the game. Some people don’t even go in to watch the event. They stay outside for the party and watch the game on TV. Any good tailgate is not just burgers and dogs. Brats, ribs, chili, steak, deep fried turkey, pork loin, beer can chicken are many favorites. The gadgets that go along with all that food are phenomenal too. Not just grills. Coolers, blenders, kegorators, deep fryers, crock-pots, BBQ smokers, even woks. Tents, couches, easy chairs, lawn games are all common place at a tailgate. There are even highly elaborate homemade & professionally made tailgate trailers with cooking equipment, TV’s & sound systems included.

Part of the art of a good tailgate party comes from proper planning and knowing your grill and cooking equipment. Knowing how many people your cooking for is helpful in pre planning your shopping list(and a little extra never hurts. ) Get to know your grill and cooking equipment. Use it at home. Get used to your hot spots and cooking zones. Don’t try out a deep fryer for the first time at the track! When you transport your grill, if you don’t have an enclosed trailer to put it in, put it right behind the cab of your truck with the hinged side of the lid to the backside of the cab. Tie it securely!If you loose your lid, your dead in the water.

Some important things to remember about tailgating is having the right stuff you need to make your life easier. Of course you don’t always need everything but if you can get yourself a big plastic bin and fill it with some of these items you’ll be ready to roll at a moments notice. Just always remember to replenish.

• Grill tools & can opener

• Meat Thermometer

• Sharp Knife & Serving Spoons

• Plastic utensils to eat with

• Aluminum foil & baggies

• Salt, Pepper, Your Favorite Seasonings & Rubs

• Trash Bags

• Paper Towels(Cloth towels & wash cloths)

• Stuff to eat off of, Paper or Plastic Plates, Bowls, Whatever

A jug of water is nice to have to clean your hands with. (Soap is good too. ) Foil pans are handy for all sorts of things:cooking, storing, serving & leftovers. Whatever your cooking apparatus, it never hurts to have extra fuel. . . propane, charcoal, wood chips. A fire extinguisher is a great thing to bring along & a squirt bottle for small flare ups. Cutting boards are good, but paper plates make nice clean cutting surfaces. Condiments, olive oil, non-stick cooking spray, onions & garlic are necessity. A table to cut up stuff on and set the food on when its done is always a nice option. A fold up chair or two is great to have too when your taking a break from cooking or after the game when your waiting for the parking lot to clear out a little. Extra beer is always plus. . . it’s a great bartering tool if you forgot something at home. ALWAYS make sure you have a good cooler & PLENTY of ice! Lastly. . . NEVER leave your grill or fryer unattended besides the obvious safety reasons your food can get ruined in a heartbeat!

So, yes, tailgating is an art. It doesn’t matter who you’re routing for either. A great tailgate can bring everyone together. But tailgating is still about one upping your neighbor. Some people even have cooking competitions. It’s never about putting anyone down. It’s the pride of knowing you’re better. From simple to elaborate, regional favorites like Philly Cheese Steak & Buffalo wings, or just showing off, like grilled tequila & chipotle rubbed butterflied leg of lamb. From your tailgate bed or your buddy’s RV. Breakfast to dessert with appetizers & dinner in between, beer to blender drinks. Tailgating is about fun times and making memories. So have fun, enjoy yourself & eat hearty!

Wembley, Greater London – More Than Just a Stadium

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Wembley, Greater London is justifiably famous for the iconic Wembley stadium. The stadium was recently renovated at a cost of 827m pounds in 2007, making it the most expensive stadium in the world. As well as football, the stadium hosts numerous events, ranging from American football to motor racing. On Sunday you can take a stroll around the market opposite the stadium.

But Wembley is about more than just a stadium. It is also home to Wembley Arena, home to a variety of entertainment for many years and it recently celebrated its seventy fifth anniversary. This was home to the British exhibition in 1924, showing off the best of British industry and culture.

It was not until 1978 that the Empire Pool was officially known as the Wembley Arena. Over the years, many great pop acts have played here, most notably rock and roll bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. In 2006 it was refurbished at a cost of 35m pounds.

The Wembley Arena also has a conference centre, ideal for anyone looking to conduct business in the heart of the city. It has six conference rooms and can hold up to 2200 guests, so is ideal for large scale business conferences.

For those who fancy a little retail therapy, the Wembley Central Square Shopping Centre is an ideal place to see a variety of shops. It is currently under going redevelopment which should be completed in 2010.

There are numerous places to stay in Wembley to suit all budgets. There are numerous websites to show you the ideal accommodation for your stay and it is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment, especially during popular events such as the FA cup or concerts. Wembley can be accessed via the Metropolitan and Jubilee underground lines via the Wembley Park stadium. You can also arrive by bus via the Wembley Central bus station and is accessible by road on the A406.

Wembley is a great place to visit at the heart of Greater London and is well worth a visit!

ANUG (Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis) Or Trench Mouth

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Trench mouth is a serious and painful dental condition that occurs due to very high bacterial infection of the gums because of which your gums are affected highly by swelling/ inflammation and also ulcers of the gingiva/gums; however this is rare and non-contagious. This condition also is known by other names – Vincent’s disease and acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (ANUG).

This condition can occur anytime in your life but it normally affects people below the age of 35. This condition affects mainly persons whose oral hygiene is poor because such people have high levels of bacteria that causes infection of the gums. This can be treated and cured easily; however if you leave it without any treatment it could cause serious damage not only to your mouth but also to your jawbones. ANUG is also seen in HIV individuals.

Some of the famous persons affected by ANUG were – American novelist William Styron, African American football player Ernie Davis and actress Marilyn Monroe.


The symptoms of Trench mouth are fetid odor (halitosis), pasty saliva, constant gnawing radiating pain that is intensified by eating spicy or hot foods and chewing, bleeding, red and swollen gums etc.


The prime reasons for ANUG are poor oral hygiene, smoking, stress, nutritional deficiency etc.


ANUG treatment normally lasts for a period of two weeks to become effective. Some of the remedial measures for ANUG are salt water rinses, hydrogen peroxide rinses, OTC pain medication, antibiotics, brushing and flossing and professional dental cleaning.


The primary reason for the occurrence of trench mouth in most of the cases is because of poor oral hygiene. Hence, this could be avoided by proper daily brushing, flossing and regular mouthwash treatment. Smoking is a major factor in getting trench mouth and should be avoided.

  • Good general health that includes proper nutrition and workouts
  • Good oral hygiene that includes brushing, flossing and regular professional cleaning
  • Coping up with stress
  • Discontinue smoking
  • Avoid irritants like hot or spicy foods.


It is highly essential that you take immediate necessary action for treating ANUG because this condition will not vanish on its own. The infection could spread to the whole mouth in case you don’t take action for treatment thereby causing damage to the bone. Some of the complications are dehydration, loss of teeth, loss of tissue in the cheeks, lips or jawbone, pain, spread of infection and periodontitis.

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